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04-12-2001, 05:37 AM
Hi all
In May this year the former Govt of the NT announced the closure of the McArthur River to commercial barra nets. This was met with applause and hearty congrats as AFANT had been lobbying for 8 yrs to get the McArthur closed to gill nets.

But in August the ALP won government for the first time in the history of self government in the NT. They have now put the issue of the McArthur closure back on the table for further discussion.

There is a discussion paper out that is available on
And it will be on the AFANT web site www.afant.com.au
If anyone has, or intends to fish the McArthur and knows what damage the netters have done to the stocks now is the time to have a loud voice and tell the new government that the only thing to do is close the river to the gill net walls of death.
You can have a say direct or send your comments to me so I can include them in our submission.

If we don't get the nets out this time they may never get taken out.

Submissions close 28 December 2001

John Harrison
Executive Officer Association of NT

06-12-2001, 07:29 AM

is there any pre done letter we can put our name to a send to old clare baby...

reckon she should do us right as fishing was something she and the natioal labour party did make mention of in the elections.

might pay to lobby fedal labour as they were the only major party with a rec fish pollicy I believe

I'm yet to fish that water but would like to in the future witht he hopes of catching a few and letting em go again.