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13-12-2001, 08:38 AM
If you are planning to visit another state over christmas and thinking of doing a spot of fishing it would pay you to check out the local rules and regulations.

Each state has their own set of rules when it comes to bag limits, minimum sizes, licence requirements, etc.

Here is a list of some website that should help you out.

NSW - http://www.fisheries.nsw.gov.au/licence/index.htm
Anglers fishing in freshwater and saltwater in NSW are required to carry a licence unless they are covered by an exemption.

QLD - http://www.dpi.qld.gov.au/fishweb/
As of 1 July, 2000 a stocked impoundment permit (SIP) is required to fish in specific stocked impoundments in Queensland. This does not apply to all non tidal waters.

VIC - http://www.nre.vic.gov.au/web/root/domino/cm_da/nrenfaq.nsf/frameset/NRE+Fishing+and+Aquaculture?OpenDocument
From 15 July 1999 a recreational fishing licence is required for all forms of recreational fishing in all Victorian waters.

WA - http://www.wa.gov.au/westfish/rec/index.html

SA - http://www.pir.sa.gov.au/dhtml/ss/section.php?sectID=7&tempID=16&force=1

13-12-2001, 05:37 PM
Just so every one else knows us in the territory have rules to and are in this country *G* have the best fishing to ya dont forget that do ya!


To forget the territory well I never tassie thats ok but not us! *G*

13-12-2001, 06:13 PM
Thanks muzzy, couldn't find the site at the time I put up the post, was hopeing someone would list it.

13-12-2001, 07:10 PM
Hey Muzzy,
I thought you lot up there were a lawless bunch. ;D ;D



13-12-2001, 07:41 PM
sorta but we are catching up...

we gotta wear seat belts now *G*

but they are taking our no speed limits off us slowly, ya have to drive at 110km till about 50ks or so out of town then its open...the magots

to many tourist going wayward at speed they reckon, just gonna make them trips abit longer and hotter hehehehehe lets get nude *G*

cant wait till we get our own flushing toilet but sick of digging holes *VBG*

14-12-2001, 02:37 AM
hell Muz,
next thay will be takeing ya goat away from ya ;Dthere goes the neighbourhood.

14-12-2001, 08:11 AM
What a great idea!

Here's Tassie's...... ;D


Cheers, Slates