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16-12-2001, 09:01 PM
To whome it may concern,

myself and my partner have been given the rights to submit a pilot fishing / adventures show for the overseas market (Greece). The basic overview is that the first edited program would be in the Greek language. The reason for this post is that our backers require Greek speaking fishermen for the tapings which the first PILOT episode will be filmed all over VIC and EDEN , and if our contacts expand after this post, other states will be considered for this first show. I must stress that we do require Greek speaking fishermen from all over Australia for the other shows to expand. All aspects of fishing is what we are looking for. BUT...please dont hesitate to contact me if you are non Greek. We still need experienced people and if we dont get any Greek speaking people we would have to consider our other options. The program will have a prominent Greek broadcaster in Melbourne as its host so the Greek language will be used regardless. So shop owners or anything relating to fishing and knowledge of historical places would also be encouraged to contact me.

This is a serious project, as we have one of Australia's largest Fishing Companies on our side as well as other prominent / related sponsors.

If you are interested please contact me for more details on the email :-


or call

Jon :- 0417-33-44-93