View Full Version : Shark fishing Moreton Bay

18-12-2001, 05:38 PM
Does anyone out there have any tips on shark fishing in Moreton Bay. We normally launch from Manly so any spots reachable from here along with times and any bait hints would be much apreciated. Thanks in advance DaveG

23-12-2001, 06:17 PM
Gidday Dave G...........i catch sharks in the bay quite often around ormiston point.
The rig i use is a shimano overhead reel spooled up with 30lb line ......add a strong swivel then a glitterbug float onto a 60lb mono trace....a small pink squid skirt and 4 #no #5-0 ganged hooks.....use a whole pilly or fresh strip of mullet for bait.
If the sharks are around you will catch 1 after another.
The incoming tide is the best time to catch them.
You sometimes encounter the odd speedster (mackerel, tuna etc)
I have fished this area for some years now and have found the best month for sharks is march....dont ask me why.
hope i have been of some assistance...good luck
Cheers # Brent 8)