View Full Version : blue green algae consumption by fish

10-12-2001, 01:59 PM
hi everyone just registered to chat to you all and finding questions and comments rather interesting and informative.could someone tell me about how a fish processes blue green algae through its system and the ramifications on eating the fish. ;D ;D ;D

11-12-2001, 07:31 AM
G'day Micko.
As far as I know, the fish are only killed by oxygen deprevation (when the algae is so thick it blocks out the sunlight killing aquatic weed) and not by the ingestion of the algae - not sure how they process it.
I do know that you can eat the fish as long as you don't eat it's intestines :-X

Cheers, Slates

24-12-2001, 10:52 AM
slates, thanks for that info on blue green algae it puts my mind at rest. micko.