View Full Version : Rocky Barra Bounty

23-12-2001, 07:06 PM

many years ago when i went into the Rocky Barra Bounty it was affordable to everyone. cost was only about $25 / person

now it's $140 / team of 2
even though u get the extras, a shirt, lure, tagging equiptment, camera... i think this competition has made it almost impossible for recreational fisherpeople to enter. it's more aimed towareds the professionals who have the money and experience for this kinda event.

and there is a limit on how many people can enter.

i was really keen to go into this in 2001 until i found out about the above requirements... mainly the price.

what do other people think.??? i don't think other tournaments are like this.. are they??

comments anyone?????? ::) ::) ::)

24-12-2001, 12:13 PM
there are two comps here in the N.T that are invite only and 3300 smackaroos for a team of 3...

they are for 5 days and its free food, ice and fuel.

But these are prety full on comps not aimed at the every day joe blow, there is room for everything...