View Full Version : How to tell loved ones fishing does rule your life

21-01-2002, 06:49 PM
Does anyone no some good way to tell friends and loved ones that fishing is the most important thing in your life?
Does anyone else read those funny fishing slogans and not larf as you see the truth in them? Why do you get cold at work in 19c and not cold in a boat at -5c? 28c is too hot to be in the garden but just getting warm at 35c with a rod in hand? AM I THE ONLY ONE??? ??? ;) ;D

22-01-2002, 09:07 AM
haha no your not the only one.
When ever i see the slogans they always crack me up cause they read as an extreme exaggeration but they are so true.

22-01-2002, 03:58 PM
Well Krazy, you just got to let them know that you have priorities in your life. they go like this.

No 1. Fishing ;D

No 2. Fishing 8)

No 3. Fishing :P

and everything else doesn't count.

Tell them that fishing isn't a matter of life and death........

It's much more important than that........ ;)

22-01-2002, 06:42 PM
Well Krazyfisher I keep telling my wife that I love fishing all the time. Normally when I start to attach the boat to my 4wd my wife starts with the nagging “going Fishing again hay” and I tend to ignore it as much as I can. The problem is she never shuts up until I leave the yard and the longer it takes me to leave the louder it gets. As I am leaving the nagging is that bad I just bolt but the problem I have is I tend to rush getting all the gear ready so I can get out of there that I nearly always forget something. The last time she was nagging at me was because she was trying to tell me I forgot the fuel tank how embarrassing when I had to return to get the fuel tank I had to listen to it all over again. >:( Cheers Mossy

22-01-2002, 09:41 PM
Buy heaps of fishing Mags and leave em laying about everywhere.
Posters of fish and boats stuck up all over the place. Everytime loved ones pop around for visit, put fishin videos on and if they dont know from that ::)
morgage the house and buy a Cruiser.

23-01-2002, 09:57 AM
Wives can be a strange lot eh..Nag ..Nag..Nag..cause you are off fishin again..BUT ;D bring home a feed and they cant tuck into them quick enough or get on the blower to the outlaws to come over for their free feed...be damned if u do and damned if you dont... ???