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24-01-2002, 03:15 AM
Does anyone know of a decent program for keeping fishing records. Used one years ago but it didn't really do what I wanted it to do. Are there programs that collate tides times and fish caught, weather conditions, barometric pressures etc. I recon it would be good to be able to telll that at spot X in these conditions things were going off, or at spot x in these conditions it was shut down. The beauty about this type of info is in trip planning and site selection.

24-01-2002, 05:05 PM
;D #Don't think you'll find the fishing too good in the dairy!! MOO!!LOL

24-01-2002, 05:34 PM
Well dazza, the best way to plan a fishing trip, is look at a calender, find a day the ends in " y '. #And go fishing #;D

Seriously, I believe that a diary / log is advertised in the Bush " N " Beach mag. #Haven't seen it in action. # But I do know what your getting at in trying to plan a trip.

More planning is needed if going offshore than estuary or Bay. #I believe in the Moon phases, #tides, and the Maori system. #Throw in time of year, water temp, wind direction, type of prefered bait, current, #and you have one hell of a time figuring out when to go. # ???

I think what is neede is to sit down at the end of the month, look at next months moons, tides, etc and circle dates on the Calender. #Prior to the dates, check wind and swell, and hope for the rest. # #;D

If you can't find a diary, make one and sell it on the net #;)

And by the way,,,, Good one Katrina ( dairy ) :P Moo you RAOFLMAO

24-01-2002, 05:36 PM
Hi Dazza,

I've seen one advertised in mags (can't recall which). Seem ok from the advertising blurt.

you might try looking in Modern Fishing, Aust Angler, Bush N Beach & Qld (& NSW) Fishing Monthly.


25-01-2002, 04:00 AM
Thanks guys,
All of what you mentioned Phill would go into it. Figuring out when to go is easy. 24 hours a day 7 days a week, but bloody work gets in the way. Would be good to do a search of the records and see that at this time last year/month this happened at spot x. Have heard of guys with 20 years of DIARY records. Might have to have a fiddle around with a database, the only thing is to get it to sort the information so it is useful.
p.s when we were kids we used to go yabbying in the water trough at a mates dairy and get a good feed.
Is there a spell checker on this thing????? ;D ;D ;D ;D

25-01-2002, 06:31 PM
Dazza there is a program called “Fishing Log” by Ken Fox the cost is about $100 and you can find it at http://www.marinews.com/fishing/#######/#######.htm it has a fishing log as well as maps for all over Australia where you can enter your GPS Marks and loads more. I have one and use it all the time. Cheers Mossy