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13-02-2002, 02:44 AM
"Can You Help Save The Gold Coast Snapper?" UPDATE. 02/02

RE: The current ridiculous Queensland bag limit of 30 per person that is decimating a much sought after icon and resource. The actual current catch rate on the Gold Coast is .3 of a Snapper per person per days fishing…if you know where, when and how to fish for them.

Hello, I’m Bob Krojs, I hope this post finds you well, heres the latest on the Gold Coast Snapper Campaign………

Thanks to YOUR/OTHERS emails of concern about the demise of the Gold Coast Snapper, I, as the instigator of the campaign was invited to an advisory committee meeting, re the Gold Coast Snapper on the 04/02/02, present were representatives from the major stakeholder groups in the industry, ie... Recreational Fisherman, Charter Fishing Companies, Commercial Fisherman, Fish Researches, Boating and Fishing Patrols and Queensland Fisheries Managers.

A proposal from the group to lower Snapper bag limits and increase their minimum keeping size was noted by the Chair and is now undergoing a “Regulatory Amendment process”, who knows what the result will be?

Others (for the history of this Campaign, please email me bk@bksfishing.com.au ) have been trying to lower the bag limit for almost 7 years, and nothing! We are still allowed to cull Snapper at 30 a person, a ridiculous bag limit....

Sincere thanks from me/Bob Krojs, to SUNFISH, for their proposal at the advisory meeting, 04/02/02, for a bag limit of two and a size increase to 35 cementers for Snapper in a special management area for the Gold Coast only.

I would personally support A CATCH AND RELEASE ONLY LEGISLATION FOR GOLD COAST SNAPPER, (ie, not a single Snapper in anyone’s possession in a Gold Coast Zone.) This will bring back the trophy fish we had only 10 years ago, assist research due to Tag and Release and help the whole fishery, particularly Northern New South Wales and Morton Island Snapper Fisheries with the spawn broadcast into the currents by the Gold Coast Snapper, that are residential.
Imagine.... instead of taking home a dead fish, you would take home the satisfying memory of a living, released, sustained icon and if tagged, gain a certificate to display for your responsible contribution…. your Grand kids will thank you for it.
IT’S A BIG STEP, BUT THINK ABOUT IT, it will also assist tourism on the Gold Coast (and that’s what the whole place is about) by people wanting to also come to the Gold Coast to capture a 10-kilo Nobbie. (Charter operators, picture this……..Brisbane, TV fishing reports, showing big nobbies, day after day, from the Gold Coast.) That would also be good for the Sunshine Coast operators in that there would be less demand on their stocks up there, due to the anglers who want to target larger snapper choosing the Gold Coast. Also the choice is still there for those who do choose to take home a feed of Snapper as anglers will still choose the Sunshine Coast as they already do. Most South East Queensland fishos already know that there is only a poor excuse for Snapper on the Gold Coast…Almost all Snapper kept on the Gold Coast are only 31 to 32 centimetres in length. The effort across the board from the Gold Coast Charter fleet of approximately 10 boats out every day with around 200 persons fishing on them is a catch of around 100 Snapper only, that just scrape in the legal size. ie, That is a catch of about one half of a small legal snapper each per day for 4 to 5 hours fishing per person. AND THAT’S ON A GOOD DAY.


Please, send me, bk@bksfishing.com.au your thoughts on my, catch and release only, of Snapper, on the Gold Coast, idea. Please note I may pass them on.

In the mean time, when releasing fish, wind em up slow and hold em gently with a wet cloth to ensure that they grow.

Cheers, thanks for caring...from Bob Krojs.

BK's Fishing Charters Gold Coast