View Full Version : Baffle Creek - How's it going?

17-02-2002, 05:35 PM
;) Think we might head up to Baffle Creek in late April/early May. Any advice/info on what's happening up there would be much appreciated! I'm aware of a BIG expert that exists, but I'm willing to accept info from anyone!!! Thankya! Fish on (and on and on and on!)
PS Down with arsonists, they wreck schools!!

18-02-2002, 12:14 PM
april / May will still produce fish, the best area to fish is no doubt the mouth area, still be warey of the trees and rock/ sand bars that exist in this system. :P
species thatcan be still encounted at this time of the year can include, jack,barra, tailor, trevally, Queenfish, just to name a few.
but beware the rocks and tree stumps!!! :-[
give me a yell closer to the trip and i'll be able to help you a bit better.