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13-02-2002, 11:50 AM
As you may be aware, as from April this year, a bag limit of 20 Tailor in possession comes into effect. I personally don't object to this limit.

I understand that some people only go fishing once a year with their mates to Fraser and load up on Tailor. Sorry. And then there is the guys that go very often and still get their Wheelie bins full.

Having had this impossed upon the recreational fisho, I believe that the commercial fishos now have to have some restriction on them. That is Fair.

The NSW govt in possed limits down there, and now some are crossing the border to plunder our waters.

I also understand that other bread and butter species are to receive their bag limits soon. Don't be surprized to see Squire ( snapper ) got to 35 cms and 10 Bag limit.

Having said all that, What's the use of impossing laws if we don't have the funds to police those laws ? ???

All of you who read posts in Ausfish, I believe are responsible fishoes and will do the right thing to protect our fav hobby ( apart from XXXX ). ;D

Sometimes the hard decisions have to be made, they might not be popular, they might even be a little off track, but the decisions have to be made. Let's support the decision makers. ;)

If you feel that a decision made by an authority is not to your liking, please email, write or phone your local and Federal member to make it clear what you think, no good whinging to your mates at work, do something positive. :)

To you once a year tailor fishermen, sorry about the decision, but, it's probably for the best. 8)

13-02-2002, 12:09 PM
I agree with it Phil..I only went tailor fishing once last year and caught 15 fish..I was happy the fillets kept me goin for a while..I would like to see a license introduced the same as NSW and the money put to the same use as the fisheries down there..it can only get better..only question I have if the pros arent allowed to net..the what do non fishers do for a feed if they are not available in the shop ???

13-02-2002, 01:46 PM
Quotas, jaybee, that's the answer to the pro situation.

Let's not forget that a lot ( over 2 tonnes ) of Tailor were netted off Moreton Island last year in one swoop and went to the Sydney markets and were sold off cheap as chips for pet food. :( >:(

13-02-2002, 02:34 PM
aahhhh i see now..however when i worked at the queensland fish markets n my dad who was the state secetary for the QLD professional fishermans league (30yrs) at the time was quite against this (over fishing)...as many as 20 or 30 teams worked the beach..each has a license...so if u have 30 teams...made up of 15 ppl (1license 1 laborour =30 ) ..that blows the quota..as they can put the fish into the market under multiple license names...what he was really against was nsw n qld licenses working together (straddie n moreton was a classic) and i beleive the laborour now has to have a license..(deckies hand) and he/she can also sell fish. So I beleive a lot of investigation is due. I know of one concern (business) that puts fish through the now raptis markets..from darwin to adelaide..under many different names..buys own fish and sells to the public...so I beleive all governments should get off their butts and clarify and enforce...but thats my opinion..
cheers :)

13-02-2002, 06:00 PM
We had a shocking tailor season last winter on the sunny coast and the spotty mackeral season this year has been the worst i've seen - both these species are netted - any relationship between the two do you think? #I'm all for MUCH lower bag limits for the rec fisher - we all play a part. ;)

13-02-2002, 09:04 PM
regarding the bag limits on tailor . they want a limit of 20 fish everywhere in queensland . but on fraser island they want a bag limit off 30 fish. should'nt be one fore all and all fore one ??? ???. regards col.

14-02-2002, 03:57 AM
Bag and size limits need to be imposed on all species of fish. The 30 fish limit on Fraser is for an extended visit so 4 fishos can stay a couple of days and bring home 120 fish. A fair feed for Dad, Mum and 2 kids. I agree 20 overall. There are still the die hards who chase 200 whiting a day. It would take you all night to clean the *(*&^^& things. The pro catch will not really be affected by this limit. If you look at it. Personally I don't like to freeze Tailor. They need to be eaten reasonably fresh. The pro can't be totally blamed for all his problems. The Government issue the licences and they did't keep count. Now there are far too many trying to eke out a living. One interesting fact, there are over 300 pro boats working fom Tin Can Bay to Bunarberg. About 200 ks of coast line. they say the rec fishers take more fish than they do because there are more of us. Maybe so but we don't have 500 kg of "by catch" every time we throw a line in.

14-02-2002, 12:16 PM
Firstly to reply to " fisho ', Absolutey Right. The Mackerel and the Tailor go hand in hand, with the mullet and pillie run. There has not been a great deal of scientific evidence to back this up, but just ask the old salts. Ring netters have a lot to answer for, as far as Hervey Bay is concerned. But then again, they do have a licence to do this.

And to col, I think saundy answered your question there.

Tailor can be successfully frozen like the following.

Keep Tailor in a brine ( salt water and ice ).

Fillet the fish and place them in a container of salt water ( like a chinese takeaway square one ) and freeze. To thaw, place the container in the fridge and let them slowly thaw. They do retain a lot of their original texture and flavour this way.

So correct about the by catch of pros. Lets take the farmer, leases the land, plants his crop, harvests and sells. Replants same ground, harvests and sells. NOW, the pro fishers, Harvests and sells, harvests and sells, ........ >:( get the picture.

The sooner the better for Aquaculture and Fish Farming ;D

16-02-2002, 03:28 PM
Right on Phil, I don't think bag limits on ANY species is a problem, they should probably be smaller, I mean what are you going to do with 20 Tailor a day, when your camping I don't think enyone would be eating that many! So these so called fishermen only do it to brag about their Bag limits, don't get me wrong I love catching fish just like anybody, but I reckon brag about letting them go, noboby needs 20 Tailor a day anyway. I don't know how you stop the greedy B#$%**@!s, maybe when caught take everything off them, Fishing gear,boats, 4x4s the lot .

16-02-2002, 07:21 PM
Good to see the discussion on the bag limits coming up. Us fresh water fisherman found it hard to belive the stories about the taking of 100+ tailor per angler from Fraser and would totally support any limits imposed.
We freely catch large numbers of bass and let them go and I know for a fact they eat pretty well when fresh.
I think 20 (or 30 on Fraser) is sufficient even for the once a year fisherman. Catch a feed and let the rest go - surely the reason the masses go to Fraser is to have a good time catching fish and drinking with the mates, not to take back a heap of fillets of tailor.
By the way I've only caught about 20 tailor in my life - so I can onlty dream about the nos I hear.
Always Fishing

19-02-2002, 04:56 AM
Talking to a bloke the other day, and he asked why did I think the Tailor bag limit was so high. He wants to know where they catch these fish. He has been chasing a Tailor for three years and has yet to catch one. There are a lot of people like him and they get pretty s*^((# about the ones that skite about big catches.