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11-03-2002, 11:13 AM
Gidday all, off to Narooma with a couple of mates and their families for a fortnight of Fishin' and Fun, as we are a bunch of Croweaters who will be a long way from home, could someone help us with a few GPS marks or any other info that could be of help. We are booked into the caravan park. By the way, we all practise 'catch and release' and we DON'T take freezers!

12-03-2002, 06:27 PM

13-03-2002, 07:39 AM
G'day Doorstop. A mate has just trecked off to Bermagui (abour 20-30 km south of Narooma) as he has it on good reports that there are heaps of beakies off shore near the 12 mile reef.

If you've never launched from Narooma or Bermi, ask a few locals about crossing the bar. At 50 boats down per year, it makes it one of the most dangerous in Australia - so take care!
The coast guard there are great and there is a 'log on and log off' service they offer as you're heading out.

As far as GPS points go, I can't give you any. But there are a few good possies you can try anyway. The kink is one of the better spots to try for game fish. This is about 10km (I think - don't quote me on that one) south of Montague island.
The island itself is about 8 km offshore and normally good for a few kings, snapper and other reef fish.
Tuross canyons are about 20 (or 40! - can't remember) km north of Narooma (off Tuross Heads) and are known yellowfin haunts, but I reckon it'd be too early for them there.
The estuary itself is a 'no go zone' as far as pro-netters go and - surprise surprise - it is teeming with fish and offers some fantastic fishing. Coming in after a day offshore, the river bed was black with tailor. I've heard of 7 kg flatties, 6 kg salmon, 20 kg jew and 2 kg bream taken in this estuary so it's well worth a shot if you get blown off the water offshore.

Hope you havea great trip - awesome spot~!

Cheers, Slates

13-03-2002, 05:54 PM
Many thanks mate, all help very gratefully received. :)