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12-04-2002, 01:18 PM
Here is an e-mail i have forwarded to both state and federal labor mps. I have used phils figures and added a few of my own words please feel free to copy and add your own ideas. here is a list of all state members in QLD. http://www.qgd.qld.gov.au/nma/nma003.html

Mrs Desley Scott MP (ALP)

Dear Mrs Scott
I am writing to you in review of the recent Tailor RIS, and the proposed changes by Government. Apparently it looks like some one in The Queensland Fisheries Service has not looked at the real picture when it comes to the future commercial or recreational viability of this fish. Following are figures given to them by the Commercial Fishers, from a period from 1988. which is around 13 years of totals. Now, consider this, if 1988 produced 300 tonne and 1994 produced 250 tonne and 1996, 200 and then it became gradually less until 2001 produced only 75 tonne that could lead to an " average " figure of 176.2 tonne. Those figures presented to the public do NOT show the decline in numbers being caught.

However, the figures used by the QFS to establish the Recreational Catch was taken over 2 years, ( 1997 and 1999 ). This was done by volunteer logbooks and telephone surveys. And this I believe, will not give you the real picture. The QFS, in all fairness, should look at the commercial catch over those years. Now, the rate for commercial catch to be reduced is 90% ( of the 176.2 tonne ) , taking into account other figures, that's 120 tonne. Not withstanding, the commercial fishers can sell, without, logbook recordings, a further catch of under 100kgs in every 24 hour period.

The RIS states that the Recreational catch should be reduced to below 90%. By their reckoning, the QFS says that recreational fishermen in Queensland catch 8,030 each, per year. Apparently they worked it like this :-8,030 divided by 365 days = 22 fish per day, reduced to 90% = 20 tailor in possession.
And for the people who fish Fraser who are allowed 30 fish " in possession". was worked like this :- 12,410 fish divided by 365 days = 34 fish per day, reduced to 90% = 30 in possession.

I don't know who the QFS surveyed to find out that we recreational fishers caught at least 8,000 tailor a year, but it appears that if this is true then someone is using a lot of pilchards. ( average of 60 pilchards to a block), $12.00/block is 133 blocks and $1,600 on bait alone. Providing you get 1 fish per bait. Then taking into consideration the lost baits, etc....say 50% and all of a sudden you 're looking at $3,000 a year in bait for the Recreational fisherman, and the Fraser fisherpersons, would be spending closer to $5,000. Give the public the benefit of not being stupid here QFS. Are you trying to tell the public that the average land based ( non Fraser ) fisherpeson catches 3.2 tonne of Tailor a year and the Fraser boys 4.9 tonne EACH ! I personally last year 2 trips to the Gold Coast caught 15 tailor.

I'm sorry QFS, but these are YOUR figures. And What happened to the 36cm increased size limit ? I personally believe, that if the commercial Fishermen, came up with the idea of applying this rule, just to appease the recreational fisherpersons, then it was never going to be introduced.

Further, in the RIS, the QFS says that " Consistency with the Authorising Law ", parts 2 and 3 :- optimum community, economic and other benefits will be obtained from the fisheries resources: and, access to fisheries resources is fair.

Let's look at the " economic " side. Fraser will only be covered here due to the island being the brunt of this. A trip to Fraser, a Recreational fisherperson spends money on bait, fuel, Accomodation, tackle, alcohol, food, ice and a host of other services, and I personally believe the costs are running at upwards of $5 per fish. Some calculations put it at $10. However, on the other hand, how much does the Professionals receive for his fish, maybe $2 per kg ( about 80 cents per fish ) if he's lucky. I do realise that the professional, buys fuel, but it's at the Primary Producer Rate and therefore non taxed.

Looking at the above the figures read like this. Professional Fishers ...$2 @ kg x 120 tonne = $480,000
The Recreational fisher, $5 @ fish x 12,410 = $155,125 EACH, therefore if one thousand guys that fish Fraser, $155,125 x 1,000 = $155,125,000.
Minister If you think these figures look ridiculous, they are, but remember they are the figures the QFS are using. I believe you and I know more than 1,000 tailor fishermen go to Fraser. They DO NOT each catch 12,410 Tailor. Any person can juggle the stats to make themselves look good or bad. I'm sorry minister, but we the public have been done over again.

Also what needs to be taken into consideration is that NSW has banned the netting of these fish, however, it appears the professional is not out of pocket and they are allowed to come up and here and net which will put increased pressure on this already limited stock. In addition, tailor are a part of the natural food chain of the ocean, already we have seen one of the poorest mackerel seasons in the south east, is this due to the ring netting of mackerel in Hervey bay, or a part of the natural food source (tailor) being less then previous years or a combination of both.

I invite and and Premier Beattie to come along to the Australian Fishing Chat http://www.ausfish.com.au/cgi-ausfish/board/YaBB.cgi#Chat_Index register and share our and your views on the future of Queensland's fishing. This chat board has people registered from all around Australia with the majority I believe between the Queensland border and Cairns. Here you will find that amateurs are all in favour of a license as in NSW, not to buy the professional out but to be used for Queensland Fish Management, and that many if not all are agreed on increased size limits, decreased bag limits, and closed seasons on certain species at certain times of the year in different localities as to protect the breeding stock. This however should also be applied right across the board not just recreational fisherpersons. I also personally believe, that if something is not properly put into place to protect our fishing future it will cost the government more then dollars.

I remain

13-04-2002, 06:19 AM
After talking to a mate his wife suggested sending to the opposition as well so i have sent of emails to the independents, libs and nationals for their information who knows someone may raise it in question time in parliament..heres hoping. maybe some feedback would be good to as to how many are contacting their local member.