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12-04-2002, 05:43 AM
Is it ok to launch a tinny into the Daintree and fish in it. Is it a protected area?? ???
Cheers Luke

12-04-2002, 05:51 PM

You can definitely fish the daintree river.

There are two main launching ramps. One at the Daintree township, and one at the Ferry crossing. Which one you use depends on which part of the river you want to fish.

If you want to fish the higher reaches up to the freshwater, use the township ramp. If you want to fish the lower reaches out to the heads, use the ferry crossing ramp. (it's about a 20 min run between ramps)

There is a protected section in the river where you cannot fish. It is in a part of the river known as the South Arm.

see the map at this site (which also shows the two ramps)


The South Arm is the entire arm of the river from the point where it leaves the main river body (i.e near the broadwater area on the map) up past the name "South Arm" shown on the map.

The actual boundary line of the Fish Sanctuary area (i.e no fishing area) is marked by signs on the bank about 1-2 k's up from the mouth of the south arm. There is no fishing allowed past this point.

Hope that helps


13-04-2002, 02:12 AM
Thanks Moffy,
sure does. I'll check out that site. Have you fished it a lot?
Cheers Luke

13-04-2002, 04:35 PM
Hey Luke me ole mate.

I fished the area, launched in the Daintree and went out of the mouth. Went to Snapper Island, why they call it that I'll never know, anyway, shallow area, lots of coral, and I think we found mackerel heaven. Handlining mackerel to 7kg using silver spoons. Un-be-lieve-able :o

We also run a drag net at Wonga Beach ( just south of Daintree ) for some bait. But so many prawns, crab, salmon and ?, we didn't need to go fishing that day. 8)

Here's something you don't want to do there.........I swam across the river, near the township, with about 20 other people. Yes I did change my jocks when I got out. That was in 1980. The place has changed a great deal since then. B#*%**(*y tourists........ >:(

13-04-2002, 05:02 PM

I've fished it a fair bit i guess (several days at a time during uni holidays and every couple of weekends for the last few years - until i came over here to london last year)

What sort of fishing are you looking to do - luring, fly, live bait ?

And Lucky Phil is right - you don't want to swim there - many, many crocs - and quite a few of them are 4 metres or so.