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10-04-2002, 06:02 PM
Result of the RIS ( tailor )

Well people, we have been sold out again. The RIS has been nothing more than a " Public Relations" exercise by a Government ruled by business and not common sense.

Having aquired more detailed information, I have no doubt the commercial Tailor Fishermen got exactly what they wanted.

Let's look at some facts . The Queensland Fisheries Service has stated in the RIS that the average commercial " Harvest " ( why they use this word I'll never know, I thought you had to plant to Harvest. ) for tailor was 176.2 tonne. That figure was born from figures given to them by the Commercial Fishers, from a period from 1988. That, people is around 13 years of totals. Now, consider this, if 1988 produced 300 tonne and 1994 produced 250 tonne and 1996, 200 and then it got gradually less until 2001 produced only 75 tonne ( cause the commercial guys have raped the guts out of the stocks ), that could lead to an " average " figure of 176.2 tonne. Those figures presented to the public do NOT show the decline in numbers being caught.

On the other hand, the figures used by the QFS to establish the Recreational Catch was taken over 2 years, YES people 2 years ( 1997 and 1999 ). This was done by volunteer logbooks and telephone surveys. Like that will give you the real picture. The QFS, if they are fair dinkum, should look at the commercial catch over those years. Now, the rate for commercial catch to be reduced is 90% ( of the 176.2 tonne ) , taking into account other figures, that's 120 tonne. NOT forgetting, the commercial fishers can sell, without, logbook recordings, a further catch of under 100kgs in every 24 hour period.

The RIS states that the Rec catch should be reduced to below 90%. By that reckoning, the QFS says that recreational fishermen in Queensland catch 8,030 each, per year. Did you read that correctly. 8,030 Tailor per person per year. I don't know about you, but I'll struggle to catch that in a life time or two. They worked it like this :-
8,030 divided by 365 days = 22 fish per day, reduced to 90% = 20 tailor in possession.

And for the Fraser blokes who are allowed 30 fish " in possession".it goes like this:-

12,410 fish divided by 365 days = 34 fish per day, reduced to 90% = 30 in possession.

I don't know who the QFS surveyed to find out that we rec fishers caught at least 8,000 tailor a year, but someones using a lot of pillies. ( 60 pillies to a block), $12.00/block is 133 blocks and $1,600 on bait alone. Providing you get 1 fish per bait. Take in account the lost baits, etc....say 50% and all of a sudden you 're looking at $3,000 a year in bait for the Rec fisho, and the Fraser blokes would be spending closer to $5,000. Give me a break QFS. Are you trying to tell the public that the average land based ( non Fraser ) fisho catches 3.2 tonne of Tailor a year and the Fraser boys 4.9 tonne EACH !

I'm sorry QFS, but these are YOUR figures. And What happened to the 36cm increased size limit ? I'll tell you what, the commercial guys came up with the idea of throwing in that, just to appeaze the rec fishoes. It was never going to be introduced.

Further, in the RIS, the QFS says that " Consistency with the Authorising Law ", parts 2 and 3 :- optimum community, economic and other benefits will be obtained from the fisheries resources: and,
access to fisheries resources is fair.

Sorry, still laughing.

Let's look at the " economic " side. We'll only look at Fraser even. The rec fisho spends money on bait, fuel, Accom, tackle, alcohol, food, ice and a host of other services, and I'm sure your running at upwards of $5 per fish. Some calculations put it at $10.

On the other hand, how much does the Pro get for his fish, maybe $2 per kg ( about 80 cents per fish ) if he's lucky. Don't say, yeh he buys fuel, he does, but it's at the Primary Producer Rate and therefore non taxed.

Now let's do the sums. Pro's ...$2kg x 120 tonne = $480,000
The Rec guys $5/fish x 12,410 = $155,125 EACH now say there are only one thousand guys that fish Fraser, $155,125 x 1,000 = $155,125,000.

If those figures look ridiculous, they are, but they are the figures the QFS are using. You and I know more than 1,000 tailor fishermen go to Fraser. They DO NOT each catch 12,410 Tailor. Any fool can juggle the stats to make themselves look good or bad. I'm sorry folks, but we have been done over again.

Please feel free to "copy & paste " this information to emails to your local members, state members, federal members, council members, QFS, any fishing clubs, friends, relatives and even your enemies. Hopefully to your local and national papers and media outlets. >:(

11-04-2002, 04:50 AM
The catch limit for commercial fisherman was questionable to from the very start.

IF your figures are correct all we have acheived is a reduction for recreational anglers leaving more fish for the profesional fisherman.

Maybe Sunfish, who have supported the reduction, both commercial and recreational, could comfirm the figures you have quoted.

11-04-2002, 08:28 AM
:-[ Looks like the government had made their mind up even before the survey started ..just like webby said they are prepared to listen but are they prepared to act..as for the figures i think they probably started at 30 per person then worked it from there, same for the pros.. a little bit of number crunching then display from the top to the bottom...looks better in their books that way...next it will be the humble sea mullet to go due to over exploitation of smoked and fresh roe to the states :'(

11-04-2002, 10:40 AM
Claytons reduction in catch if ever there was. 100kgs a day by 90 days (3 months) is 9 ton of fish that isn't even on the quota. 20 pros x 3 months x 100kg a day = 180 tonnes and none of it counts!

As regards pros, its not fair to everything that goes into a rec fishing and not look at the whole chain of commercial fishing.

Pros buy fuel, boats, nets, licences etc too. On top of that the fish them goes through co-ops which employ people all the way through until the fish and chips shops or cat food or where ever.

A rec catch is what it costs to take home and eat. Perhaps the cost of the fish to a person who buys it from a fish monger should be a better estimate than the price a pro gets.

11-04-2002, 01:44 PM
I can't confirm or deny the figures above but Sunfish did write to the Minister and ask for the species to be declared line caught only. He refused our request. Don't blame us - go and ask your local member what happened and why. He/she is supposed to be representing your interests and gets paid to do so - I dont.

11-04-2002, 05:33 PM
we're not blaming you Vern or Sunfish, well I'm not anyway. Maybe we can get a hold of NSW's stats that made them regulate No Netting. Surely, their figures are enough for us to go by. If they had the guts to stop the netting down there, was it going on up here.

OK Lordy, I get ya point about the Pro's costs, but they Do Not Pay any sales tax on their gear. ( sorry, they will pay GST ), So the Govt loses there, Yes they buy the stuff and that has an effect on employment, but if we look at the amounts involved, it still doesn't add up to an economic environment.

The point being, it's not about economics ( maybe it is at this minute ), it's about the sustainability of the stocks and species. We've had polls asking the rec fisho's views on increased size limits, bag limits, closures etc, and everyman/ woman & child agrees that we need them now. And those people are willing to do and accept the restrictions. Everyone except for the Pro's.

The more information I find out about the activities of pro's the madder I get. >:( Sure , these people bought a licence from a Govt dept and are trying to make a livin.

Try this one on for size people.... The restricted green zone at Peel Island in Moreton Bay. No fishing.....right.......... ???
WRONG............netters are allowed in there.

You may think how do they net the coral and rocky areas, well they don't net there, but it is inside the green zone where they do.

I'm still gettin madder >:( >:( >:(

And what Government allows Pro's from interstate to come here and take our stocks, placing added pressure where it's not wanted. ???

What makes this whole thing stink for me, is that I don't even Tailor fish. That doesn't mean I can bury my head in the sand and say " it doesn't affect me so why should I care ".

If anyone out there knows the name of the people who wrote, made, decided or had anything to do with this appalling decision regarding the RIS, please post their email address.

;) ;D

11-04-2002, 05:57 PM
hey lucky want to do my tax this year your bloody good at your numbers lol ;D ;D ;D :P 8)

11-04-2002, 06:19 PM
Hey Shano !

I'm a number crunchers son, and I'll keep crunching numbers 'til the number crunchin's done ::) ;D

11-04-2002, 06:32 PM
good on ya buddy keep it up ya do a good job at it ... it makes us dumb folk understand it a bit more the way you have put it because we would of just read it and thought nothing more of it!!
cheers shano! ;D

12-04-2002, 05:18 AM
if they keep doing what they are doing , then they will do them selves out of a job soon enough.

if you want something done properly then you have to do it yourself.

12-04-2002, 05:31 AM
;D I agree mick..would a march on parliament by the amatuers and leaving rotting fish frames on the steps be too much with the appropriate signage..like something stinks here...there must be someone, somewhere in the government who can see if they let this continue they are going to lose more then the dollar.. :-[

12-04-2002, 07:06 AM
i WAS thinking a tactical missile strike..

no i think jim morrison said it best

"they've got the guns but we've got the numbers"

12-04-2002, 07:14 AM
I'm not a tailor fisherman, went twice last year and only fished for them once, the 2nd time there were some nice bream kicking about so i fished for them n left the tailor for the rest, but anyone can see where the future of the stocks are heading.. i have drafted a e-mail to my local member using phils figures have sent him a copy for his approval.. gotta get the ball rolling...if phil approves i will post a copy here for others to use if they wish.

13-04-2002, 05:32 AM
Sorry for the late entry on this one. Somewhere in all my paperwork I have a letter from Beaties office saying the no Queensland Tailor are used as pet food or fertilizer. If anyone has proof that they are would you please send a copy to me. It is catching them out on lies like this that will cause some action.especially if it is made public. A politicians main interest is how big his super will be. they need to be reminded that we can remove them every now and then.

13-04-2002, 07:37 AM
hey saundy have a look at the letter I drafted with the help of phils figures and sent to my local member specially the last paragraph..I bet ya bottom dollar if you have a letter stating about the pet food..the government will stand up and say we can only say what qfs have told us and cant vouch for the boys from over the border...

13-04-2002, 04:13 PM
Have a read of the article in last Sunday's Sunday Mail. I would not want to be eating the tailor that didn't make the eskies.

15-04-2002, 07:41 PM
A while ago, on the national scene it was suggested that there were 4.5 million rec anglers in OZ. and they caught 45 miilon kg's of fish, which meant that each caught 10kg. Now we know that 10% of the anglers catch 90% of the fish which leaves 10% of the fish for 90% of the anglers. Some catch nothing. Of course you can treat numbers any way you please but remind these people that rec anglers have numbers, like 4.5 million and a lot are in Qld. Send them a goodbye card, for the next election. Remind them that you exceed the pro numbers by at least 100 to 1 so every pro vote for is 100 votes against. Pollies will talk all day about numbers, until you get to votes then the numbers bother the hell out of them. Max