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11-04-2002, 03:06 AM
What, to you, makes a good fishing read?

Is it the level of information? - ie knowledge based.
- you learn something from the article and that it's not too basic or too advanced for you.
- it discloses a new spot/Gps mark or technique.
- It details information specific to your area or a location you know.

Is it the style of the writer?
- entertaining
- technical
- a known personality

Is it the pictures?
- lots of
- big fish
- or macro shots of rigs and gear

Is there some things you hate?
- rehashed info
- too basic
- too advanced
- locations not applicable to you - or perhaps you'd prefer info on distant locations over local stuff.

What would make you put your hand in your pocket and buy your next fishing book/magazine?

I'd be interested to know.


Dave ><>

PS - see the picture of the Logan River marlin below!!

11-04-2002, 05:11 AM
I like to learn something from the article and I like the technical aspect with a bit of entertainment value added in. Pictures are not overly important to me but the pictures I do like to see are the ones of rigs and things that would make me put my hand in my pocket are ongoing articles from basic techniques following up with more advanced. More info on habits and habitats of fish and what times of the year they are on the chew. I can now say I've caught one of those Logan marlin too. ;D
Cheers Luke

11-04-2002, 08:19 AM
Hi Dave,

good question and it is good to see writers asking readers how to improve the content of their articles. I always read your articles in B'n'B where you mainly talk about the Logan R and Jumpinpin and they are always informative and entertaining.

I keep a scrapbook of all the best articles I have read. The ones I keep are the most informative - either a run down on a particular area and how to fish it or a species profile or a particular technique. The style of the writer is not very important, but I don't like waffle or too much bragging. Pictures aren't that important either, but they do catch the eye initially. I don't mind some rehashed info such a predictions for the time of year etc, as long as the whole piece isn't a rehash of last months or last years. I like info on local spots mainly, but pieces on distant locations are still interesting.

I can tell you that I find the page of club reports in B'n'B a total waste of time to me, as they are either mainly social talk or simply points totals which mean nothing to the average angler

My thoughts anyway...



11-04-2002, 12:09 PM
Hi Jeremy
I was interested to read your reply to Dave's question as this is something that I consider at the very least once a month when we're putting BNB Fishing together.

My feedback over many years now is that the majority of BNB readers like reports about locations, species and techniques. A fair percentage of our readers also like to keep a feed of fish, but we also attempt to cater for those who are dedicated about mainly catch-and-release.

Whether, say, Dave's "bottom of the bay" orientated reports are of interest to someone who fishes in Central Queensland is open for debate, but I feel that they would be if there was enough of those basic elements mentioned earlier - locations, species and techniques. But it's a difficult task to provide "local" reports for every fishing village in Queensland and the top half of New South Wales. So we try to focus our efforts on a more concentrated region, while still offering information about other "exotic" locations.

Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to seeing more replies as they can only assist our efforts to provide a publication that meets the expectations of all readers. - Ron Collins, Ed.

The vast majority of our writing team are fishos first and foremost. As for being writers, well, in some cases that comes a distant second place before we add a bit of polish (without changing their info and style).

I'm amazed that neither you nor Luke, who also responded, don't place much importance on pictures. As an "editor" who has had a fairly long association in publishing, I can assure you that any publication without pictures would not survive a month on the newsstands.

I agree that our club reports are mainly of interest to those of our readers who are in a club or are considering joining one. We've always supported clubs and will continue to do so with a page or so each month of trip reports and other "social" activities.

11-04-2002, 12:12 PM
I'm in my mid thirties have been fishing SE Qld saltwater all my life purchase & read fishing related press to learn more than be entertained. I've always found the manner in which you present your articles to be prettty much what I like.

I like specifics related to techniques & times etc for local locations & the effect of variations you encounter. Specific locations are not necessary, but the features of what to look for are important perhaps using a specific spot that is commonly known to illustrate a point.

Jeremy is spot on, photos of fish are just gloss & only useful to motivate (maybe) on a cold winter morning. I much prefer clearly presented diagrams of location & rigs etc. I would much prefer a photo from the screen of a sounder or the eddy setup where an author caught a fish than a picture of his happy smiling face while he holds the fish.

The best article I've read in recent times was not from a mag but was typed by an old timer on beach fishing for Jew - it was 3 pages faxed to me by a mate. I have read this thing 30 - 50 times. His journalistic skills aren't great, but a dry sense of humour makes it an enjoyable read. He never tells an exact location but specifies what to look for, & how to go about it & at what times. The icing, is his details on what to do in different conditions such as differing wind patterns etc cause as we know, no beach is perfect. I've never caught a BIG silver but when I do, I'll say a quiet thanks to this bloke whoever he is.

Specific to your reports Dave, you mention often the amount of tidal flow as a percentage of the biggest tide. I'd be really interested in an article that tells how you should use this info to target particular species & situations, plus the best way to use your boat to fish this (ie drift, position at anchor etc).

Thanks for the opportunity to comment, when will your book be hitting the shelves?

11-04-2002, 12:17 PM
Bugger! Computer gremlin made my ending "jump" into the middle of my reply... sorry. RC.

11-04-2002, 12:29 PM
I'm one of those fools who don't subscribe but buy BNB each month. I'm not a club fisherman but much prefer reading those club entries that talk about the process (the stories behind the trips) a bit rather than just the result.

11-04-2002, 01:39 PM
Hi Chris
Nice to hear from you. We give all clubs an open go with the content of their reports. Sometimes there is the sort of info that you like, but mostly we are a type of "community notice board" for clubs.

As the club reports take up a very small percentage of BNB's total content, I'm happy to do this, because it is just about impossible for us to please every single reader every single edition. But, believe it or not, we do try to aim towards that standard.

Appreciate your thoughts, and I hope others will provide feedback. - Ron Collins, Ed.

11-04-2002, 06:13 PM
Hey Dave, and Ron for that matter ;)

What your other responses have said pretty well sums it up. For me though:- The story should be as factual as possible, chuck in a little humour, the drier the better, a pic or 2.

Diagrams are great as well as mud maps. Most of us who read the mags are simple people ( that's not what I meant Dave >:( ), and enjoy the simple things in life, and fishing is Simply the Best. Some of the best reads are your " readers reports ", from people like myself who have a go at different places, species etc and have got the time to share their experience ( good and bad ) with the rest of us. This also takes the presure off the " Regular Writers " to come up with something new every month.

It would get a bit too much to hear that everytime so and so went fishing and caught an esky full of fish. I do agree with the catch and release guys though, and must say, been doin it a little meself these days.

Ron knows all too well how I feel about value for money, and I believe that's what we " as purchasers " want. If I can have a good read and be entertained, learn something or have a myth destroyed, that'll do me fine.

To date, most mags I read have done this for me, but I do tend to purchase " local " stuff. Those national, glossy, arty farty things are for the Doctors Surgery table.

OK, let's have a bit of input then.

Throw in a recipe for different species, maybe readers can contribute here. It may nave been done before, but hey !

An updated area for Government decisions affecting fisho's. ?

How about a Kids Crossword ( lord knows a truck load of kids read your mag Ron ). ?

I know you print Product Tests and new stuff, but I'd like to hear from the man behind the name every now and again, with pending projects, how a particular product came about, the ones that didn't make the market etc. !

Once again I'll call for the Fishing Calendar ( with Calendar Girl ) ;D or guy ???

Maybe something on the use of your boats equipment, such as Radios, with call signs, distress signals, phonetic alfabet, emergency channels, radio courtesy. Maybe an article or 2 from the VMR or Coast Guard could be sort ?

That better be it for now ;D ;D ;D

11-04-2002, 10:53 PM
Thanks for all the replies so far - it is great to get the feedback.
Like Ron, I'm surprised that little emphasis is placed on pictures - personally I'm a pictuaholic, meaning I'll usually look at the photos and read the captions before I read any article.
It’s possibly the pictures that entice me to read the article.

It is also interesting to note the importance readers place on diagrams and mud map type drawings - this is an area that takes a little work and one that I'd like to do more of.

You’re welcome to suggest story ideas as well – this would give us a good idea of the type of content the readers are interested in.

I’m away fishing for a few days – I’ll look forward to reading the responses when I get back.

Cheers for now – I can here the goodoo calling!

Dave ><>

PS - see photo below of the Fitzmister with a fat cod from our last trip.

12-04-2002, 09:00 AM
G'day Dave.
Good post!
Personally, I love pics of BIG FISH as well as a good, clear picture that is not just of the bottom of a boat full of fish, but with a bit of color or backgroud scenery thrown in.

But the first thing I look for when buying a mag is normally something I want to learn about - especially informative location articles including close accommodation, boat ramps, maps of the waterway and a few tips.
I also think it is VERY important for all writers not to forget the average bloke who likes to soak a bait from the bank every now and then. This guy might not have a $25,000 boat loaded up with $600 casting rods, GPS's and boga grips!

He might be on holidays and need to find a spot where the kids can catch a fish from a pier or something.

Cheers, Slates

PS: I'm not haveing a go at anyone or any mag in the above post ;D ;D

Cheers, Slates

12-04-2002, 04:27 PM
Hi Dave/Ron. What im about to say mainly only effects the
Brisbane area, but here's some food for though.
I mainly fish the Bay through to Seaway with the occassional
trip offshore, over the past 18mths have noticed a lot more
boats venturing out into the bay especially, You and I both
know how weather (wind/tide) can adversely effect conditions
especially in the bay in only a few hours, What you Mag' could
do is run some reports on how say 10-15-20kts winds can
effect the bay and pin/broadwater area, (i've seen a lot of
smaller boats caught out not knowing what weather can do
in a short time), this could run in conjunction with a Report on
VMR/Coastguard stations in regards to (Loging on/off--Call
freqs--Hours of Operation--Break down procedures etc) I
think this would help the new and less experienced Boaties
with some very usefull Information. ???
With the numbers increasing in the bay especially, a few
more reports say from Mud south to Mcleay, would not go
astray. ???
Fishing Reports should be of a Generalized Area, stating
sea conditions,tackle,bait etc. GPS marks are for Personnel swaping not Broadcasting. ???
Seasonal charts for Species Breeding Seasons and Move-
ments plus their likely Habitats. :o
Boat Ramps Reports and their Status regarding what Ramp
conditions are like in Wind/Tides etc :o
Boat Cleaning and Maintance (Especially what to look for in
the way of defects (eg cracks appearing) etc :o
"A Guest Report" from each area your Mag' covers, giving
their own Report on Fishing (Tackle/Bait/Tides/Moon etc). ::)
Hope I have given you some ideas or not that'll make your
Mag' a better read. Still one of the Best on the Shelf.

12-04-2002, 05:47 PM
I like these sorts of things. Lets you know what people want to read about. I also pay particluar attention to the readers forum in BNB, I find it a great place to start in finding out what people want to read about.
I'm also a bit suprised that pics are not high in importance to a readers decision on whether they read the article or not. I always try to include at least a few pics of fish, mainly to try and avoid sceptecism. If I don't get out to fish or catch nothing I also say so as well, no use crapping on. In those cases when the weather has been ordinary etc, I try to give some info on what species is comming up & info on targeting them.

If anyone wants specifics for down the Goldcoast etc, I'm all ears. I'm no expert, but like to try and help other fishos out.

15-04-2002, 07:58 PM
It depends on just how good the editor is, since not every fishing scribe can write worth a drum, and then it has to get past said editor as a worthwhile topic in his paper mag etc.
But fairy stories read better than factual things, because it is difficult to write 2500 words about one angling episode and you can pad things out with fairy stories etc.
A lot of authors submit articles but if you examine the periodicals you find the same authors, week in week out in quite a few magazines. And they all at one time or another push their view. I do it, you do it, they all do it.
But in general terms what you read has to get past the editorial filter, so it really doesn't matter what individual people think, you still get what is printed, regardless of what you might like.
I can give you an example. I was fly fishing off that rock at Cuvier and hooked a 9 foot whaler which jumped three times right next to the rock and went over my head, at least 28 feet in the air. Absolutely fantastic thing, shocking, exciting, never before or after whatever. Brilliant stuff. In writing this thing for a book it runs to 600 words at most. To make it longer would mean 1400 words of fabrication. Might be a good story, but it would be fibs. What this means is what you like might moderate what you do or do not buy, but it is filtered and edited etc just for you. Max

16-04-2002, 02:18 AM
Thanks to everyone for their comments - it's all very interesting.
I'd like to clear up one possible misconception - Ron Collins own, runs and edits Bush 'n Beach.
I am just a contributor like Heath, Fitzy, occasionally Lucky Phill and a few others that frequent this board.
My reason for the original question was for my own information - not necessarily what will, should or would like to see in BNB, although I'm sure Ron will take it all on board with a great deal of interest.

It is interesting to note that article suggestions are all information based – there is no mention of the entertainment value of an article other than Max’s comments about “fairy stories”.
The priority seems to be tips, techniques and location information.

Thanks to everyone – I hope other writers get some ideas from the posts as well – I know I have.

Dave ><>

16-04-2002, 03:46 AM

I would think most readers can tell a fairy story from facts. I would certainly like to think that I can most of the time. I would think that a 9ft whaler jumping 28 ft in the air next to the rock you were standing on is one such example. Continually reading stories from particular authors about catching numbers of big fish every session is also up there. I don't believe anyone is that good and that the fish and weather cooperate that regularly. Besides it is boring to read. I remeber reading an article from Heath last year in BNB in which he hadn't done real well that month in several trips and said so. I really thought that was good to read and honest and makes the rest of his stuff more creditable.


16-04-2002, 04:02 AM
Giday Nugget, interesting thread, one I have been watching all the way through. Strange that most want to see more tips, locations, waypoints and anything that makes it easier to get a feed of fish. I understand this, but for me, and many others I know, its all about the enjoyment one has when he actively searches out these places himself, and then honing techniques to effectively attract fish to the boat.

We very often, here at the Ausfish board, answer multitudes of questions for the less experienced. I too have asked these questions, and received excellent answers from those more experienced than I. Sometimes I think maybe it would have been better if I were to go out and find out this info by myself. (Just a personal thing really)

Anyway, as for locations, for my money, this is not what I would like to read in Mags. I prefer to see Techniques explained, so that when armed with the fish catching techniques, we venture out to the water to put them to the test.

I have found some kick-arse locations around the traps, and I`m sure others have too, but what good are these locations if you have`nt got the goods on how to get the fish?

My personal preference is to see the techniques explained and the adventure to find fish should be just that....an adventure!!

Regards, Randall.

16-04-2002, 10:29 AM
Hi All, and in particular Max and Randall

I've taken a keen interest in Nugget's post, and although he's only got responses from a pretty small sample of actual anglers out there in wet-a-line-land, the feedback has been very interesting.

Max, I have to say that I had trouble understanding the main point you were making (I often have trouble understanding things, so don't worry or think I've singled you out personally!). BNB does not run fairy tales. Sure there are months when not every report is an award winner. But that can be influenced by many factors.

While there may be some sort of editorial filter process involved in, say, national publications, at BNB I make the final decision on content. Having said that, I regularly point our very willing team of contributors in particular directions on the basic elements I'd like to see them include in their reports - but not how they should write it.

The reason you'll see the same names on reports in BNB month after month is because the reports are mainly written by our "permanent" crew of contributors. I presume it works that way with other publications, too.

Randall, I noticed you said readers want, amongst other things, GPS marks. I didn't seen any reference to that in the various posts, and that's something I've tried very hard to resist doing as it often only helps to destroy fishing spots.

If I were handing out any tips to budding writers it would be to only present material that is factual and accurate. It also helps if you have some understanding of grammar and being able to spell is a big bonus. Some of the written stuff on the 'net is Grade 3 standard at best. Best wishes for now.
- Ron Collins, Ed.

16-04-2002, 10:32 AM
There's a three month trial sub to BNB on offer to the first person who spots the deliberate spelling mistake. RC.

16-04-2002, 10:43 AM
Ron, do you mean spelling mistakes?

Anything to do with the 13th and 22nd letters of the Alphabet #;D

But who am I to talk about spelling ;D

I'll leave it to another member to take out the subscription.

16-04-2002, 11:05 AM
Hey Ron
Would you mean vaious (various) or matrial (material) mmmm
am i rite #;D or is it the grammer..I didnt seen anything mmm
or is that gramma...

16-04-2002, 03:26 PM
Just to throw another spanner in the works - I didn't "seen" any reference ;) Hey, but I know it's spelt correctly ;D
Cheers Luke

16-04-2002, 03:54 PM
I'm totally against publishing GPS as well, whether they be simply in the text of normal articles but especially the "trash for cash" variety of XXX marks for here, there and everywhere.

Apart from some of the obvious reasons there appears also a false sense of security that some adopt simply by knowing where they have to go. When one starts to see 16-17' CC's 42nm of shore and all because of acquired GPS marks it's a bit of a worry. Sure sensible and safety conscious people would/should know better but with a little bit of assistance some are venturing way past their limits.

Cheers, Kerry.

16-04-2002, 06:07 PM
All I can say Ron , is thank god for spell check,,, i just have to learn how to use it sometimes....

16-04-2002, 07:13 PM
Hi Ron / Nugget What annoys me most is the false fishing reports we see printed or screened on TV , you get the fishing reports in the paper and they look NO different from last week addition . I starting to wonder if the bait shops only put them in to sell bait on that weekend .[enought bitching ] Ron , have you come across a book printed in late 70s by the telegragh I think it was called The Fishing Telegraph big glossie cover? [ The last edition printed had a big Flathead on the cover on it ] , I had one and now miss placed it , I found it to be the most detailed fishing book ever printed for the area . I would love to get a hold of another. It spoke about ever fishing area from Hervey Bay to Byron Bay , fish expected catch , bait , time and best rig . It contained hand drawn maps with spots marked for indivdual species for each location . cheers Bruce

17-04-2002, 10:24 AM
Hi Scales
Appreciate your comments. Yes, I know of the Telegraph Fishing Book, and was a contributor to it for a couple of years before the Tele newspaper folded about 15 years ago.

I have a couple of old ones at home and I'll have a look at them to refresh myself on the format, and maybe introduce some of the mud maps to BNB. - Ron Collins, Ed.

17-04-2002, 10:36 AM
Hi Jaybee
You've done good! Email me you name, address and phone number and I'll organise the "trial" sub. Ron Collins, Ed.

17-04-2002, 12:38 PM
thanks Ron and Ausfish.. Much appreciated.

17-04-2002, 02:18 PM

I have been reading this string with interest for my own reasons ,just like you have i spose.

Personally i like to read stuff that is not structured to sharply .I like to be enteratined so that i can't wait to get to the next word ,it's a comination of humor and the way the article is written ,if the words don't flow and i have to read back a few sentences to work out what's being talked about i'll get the shits with it and stop...........just like anyone i spose.I have purchased and collected fisho mags since i was about 14 and have read just about every page of them , i have a plie about 5 feet high so i spose my prefernce comes from reading so much structured material when i was youg....too much of a thing and you'll get sick of it.If it reads like you are infront of me at the boatramp explaining the day i'll like enjoy it.

Pictures get me in everytime and this will get me reading the text but if the text is bad the pics can be all covershot quality and i won't read it.

Now i just have to learn to write as well as i expect every other scribe to and i'll be half way there .


19-04-2002, 09:27 AM
Mmmm "I didn't seen any reference..." - is that the deliberate error declared as deliberate after it was posted?

26-04-2002, 09:22 AM
Hi Chris
There were a few, but we have a winner already! Thanks for your interest. Ron Collins, Ed. PS: Sorry to take so long replying...

27-04-2002, 05:12 PM
This string is one of the best, I've read for a while.

I am against submitting GPS points as well, except for well known areas such as bait grounds. There would be nothing worse than turning up to your secret spot to find several other boats on there. I think submitting pictures with articles, is almost a must, mainly due to the fact that if someone is talking about mackerel or whatever, the reader can see that the fish are infact about and that the person writing the article is successfull in catching them.

Good to see plenty of BNB readers on the net as well ;)

27-04-2002, 11:29 PM
To Jeremy
I get the idea that if you read something like a whaler 9 foot jumping 27 feet in the air you would consider it a fairy story. Happened, witnessed, did it three times, on a fly rod.
Rock 20 feet high me 5'6" and I'm looking at it's tail. Head was 9 feet up there. total 30 plus. Interesting thought though.
What people forget is that you can only say so much about anything technical, and it is mostly opinion anyway, but if you do talk facts on fishing, results of tests etc, you will definitely be disbelieved and probably cop the crap. Ask me I know.
It is though an interesting subject, I ask some good editor, like Ross Cusack. Max

28-04-2002, 10:19 AM
Sometimes I think that the ethics of the fishing scene are a bit like that stuff excreted by dogs. One long time ago, a guy caught a Long Tail, big, at the Docks JB, and wrote it up, nice big pic of fish with lure. Then there was an article in another mag of capture of big longtail at Beecroft, same pic same lure, then if my memory is right it moved to the Gorge, same fish same lure.
A few years back I spent a lot of time researching a subject to do with things in the water, like colour, fish's sight etc. A lot of it discussions with a PhD type scientist who produced a lot of stuff not in the public domain. Unless you got lead to it by the nose. Sent a manuscript to Bay Books for review, they sent it to a scribe who reviewed it. Interesting reads in magazines lately. E-Book comes out soon. The subject is not dead, it's very much alive. Its all very ethical, maybe. Cheers Max.

28-04-2002, 05:46 PM
To Jeremy
... What people forget is that you can only say so much about anything technical, and it is mostly opinion anyway, but if you do talk facts on fishing, results of tests etc, you will definitely be disbelieved and probably cop the crap ....

Really the true "technical" is just that and certainly not opinion but some of the "fishy" stuff fits more the bill of opinions.

Cheers, Kerry.

29-04-2002, 07:39 AM
I am usually on an aeroplane every week for work and usually buy a fishing or boating magazine on the return trip.

Although this means that I buy a lot of fishing mags, I have never even opened BNB because I assume that the "Bush" part of the name will mean that half the mag will be about 4wd stories which bore me to tears. If you tell me that it is not, I shall give the mag a go. Having said that, I don't ever recall seeing the mag in the bookshops at the major airports.

I suppose what I get tired of reading about in most fishing mags is stories of people catching barramundi. I suspect that I may never ever go barramundi fishing in my life but I do like to fish Moreton bay and surrounds so I am keen to learn more about my home waters and the techniques needed there.

Also, it seems to me that the fishing mags have a glut of pictures of people with big flathead. I suspect that there are other fish in the sea but it would be hard to tell from some of the mags.

Don't get me wrong, catching flathead is great but what about others . (like Sweetlip - LOL)

I also like stories about things that I can do with and for my boat - safety equipment stories, handy boating gadgets, stories about how to maintain my boat, stories about using the sounder, stories about the life of ULP fuel. A serialised glossary of fishing terms would also be helpful - ie what is a yakka? what is a slimy? What is a grinner? etc etc etc.

DIY stories are always interesting - eg making a downrigger.

Anyway......just a few thoughts......I guess that most fishing mags are glossy escapism devices so perhaps the pix of big flathead and barramundi do serve the purpose of taking my mind away from that cramped seat in a late Friday aeroplane full of people who also just don't want to be there.


30-04-2002, 08:07 AM
Kerry yes certainly, but most people have a difficult time mixing what they think are facts and what is simply opinion.
Technical is often technique, how people do things, and each angler has different opinions on that.
Facts are something else. Like the "Facts" of GsP, the very technical nitty gritty things, and facts about fishes visual and sensory systems and what they see, hear etc, in the variable visibility water they swim in and how that relates to the lures we throw in there.
Mind you not everyone wan't to know about that, and not everyone wants everyone else to know anything about it either. Rather strange things anglers, and what they consider to be good reads. These days I glance at magazines to see if there is anything interesting inside, but rarely buy them, mostly very rarely. Too much repetitive barra junk. I think that has put me off. I've caught a few barra, and I've only read a few good, well written and well understood articles on the subject. Much the same with SWF, I've done a bit of that. And I'm full up to the ears with catch/release and tagging.
Its all subjective anyway. Max

30-04-2002, 08:26 AM
Hi Sweetlip
I have good news. The "bush" element of Bush N Beach Fishing relates to freshwater. We occassionally run reports on 4WD trips to fishing locations that are at remote locations, and our Top End correspondent occasionally offers advice on setting up for such a trip. The May edition also has a report writen by me on improving the ride and towing capabilities of a 4WD.

We are based in Cleveland, right on the edge of Moreton Bay, and have a number of top anglers writing on that general region. The topics vary from big cobia to winter whiting.

The May edition, which is being printed today, has a number of reports which will help anglers. One is how to spool an Alvey reel correctly. Another is on plotting your own GPS waypoints. There is a report on leaders and what's best. Another offers advice on how, when and where to jig or spear squid in Moreton Bay. There is a mud map on Narrowneck on the Gold Coast.

I could go on and on, but I hope that gives you an indication of the type of content we endeavour to run. Of course we also have a variety of reports which are applicable to other regions, such as Bribie Island, impoundments, western rivers, Hervey Bay, Sunshine Coast, Tweed Coast, Tweed River, North Brisbane, Byron Bay, Grafton, Iluka (when to catch a Clarence river jew), Central Queensland, Cairns, etc etc.

There also is a good report in getting into freshwater lures.

BNB Fishing is a tabloid size magazine with gloss covers. It sells in newsagents for $3.00. As the editor and publisher, I'm very proud of our writing team and I believe it is great value for money. We are also very receptive to the needs of our readers, which is why I have participated in this debate on a number of occasions. This original post, by the way, was started by one of our writing team - Dave "Nugget" Downie.

I have to admit that we occasionally run a barra on the cover, but to give you an idea of our diversity, last month's cover was prawns, May's is a lure-caught yellowbelly pointing to the beginning with lures report, March had a tailor and a tarwhine.

Anyway, Sweetlip, I hope I've enticed you to give us a go. And here's a free tip: there have been some nice sweetlip just off Cleveland Point. You'll need an early am high tide. They'll come on for a short while just on the top of the tide. Position your boat between the two beacons in front of the new lighthouse, reasonably close to the reef edge. Good luck. Ron Collins, Ed.

30-04-2002, 08:44 AM
Nice Pics. As it happens/happened with a little humour if possible , trying to stay away from too much publicity on particular gear and showy photos of nice clean fishing apparel.
I mean how can one go out and have a ##### of a day fishing without getting himself and halfe his boat lookin like a mess??.
I went out just over a week ago now and was headin towards lookin like a grub after a good session on reds n trout and then i bagged a Spaniard which i brought onboard and after the fourth attempt at lifting him up in me arms for a Piccie i did manage ta look like an absolut Grub and me missus agrees too :D.
I also like ta hear how , what gear and bait was used . Rundown on the area and maybe who ta chase for a little info if one is visiting a particular area.
I hardley ever miss out buyin my selected fishing mags each month but get a little peeved off at some as ide say there is about twenty percent of reading done and as for the rest ?? just scan through the Piccies n adds.

30-04-2002, 10:08 AM
Volvo, definitely can equate to the fresh dry cleaned looked laundry, spotless cap as well as the myriad of advertising ;D

Buggered if I know, I generally have to beat things with a stick to make them lay down flat as well.

Cheers, Kerry.

Bye the way, did ya notice it's raining :o ::)

30-04-2002, 12:22 PM
G'day kerry, Yep, woke up for a leak durin the wee early hours of the morning and thought "Gee makin a bit of a noise gettin rid of that load" Lol , till i realised yep it was raining.
We have been on restrictions for a little time down here now and seeing a decent spell of rain would be a godsend.
Burnt me lawnn twice now durin false alarms , cloudburst for short spell only and throwin fertilser over lawn ::).
Never mind haveta rain someday, hopefully soon in good quantity.

30-04-2002, 01:35 PM
Thanks Ron Collins.

I shall look for the mag tomorrow.

Thanks for the fishing tip also. I shall go have a try there.


07-05-2002, 06:06 AM
A species season chart - eg. an excel sort of spreadsheet format highlighting the best times to look for and target certain estuary species for SE QLD
eg. bream,whiting,flathead,tailor,jacks,crabs,prawns etc.etc.
Would be really handy.
Cheers Luke