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14-01-2004, 06:56 PM
anybody want some cheap Barra :o


Last Update: Tuesday, January 13, 2004. 10:29am (AEDT)
Health Dept offers fish kill assurances
The Western Australian Health Department says there is no threat to public health from a big fish kill at Lake Argyle in the Kimberley region.

It has been estimated that up to 50 tonnes of barramundi at an aquaculture farm have died due to a bacterial outbreak caused by exceptionally high rainfall in the area.

The Department's Kim Leighton says the bacteria does not pose any danger to humans.

"The fish kill is a result of the change in water conditions both with the influx of rain and some rockfall in the area that has caused the fish to become more stressed and sensitive to bacteria which are normally present in the water where they're growing."

The Ord River District Cooperative, which operates the farm, says the infection which peaked over the new year period has now abated and harvesting of unaffected fish is continuing.

But resident, Allan Thomson, who lives about 35 kilometres downstream, believes locals should have been told sooner.

"Finding out about it two weeks after the incident has occurred, you start to ask questions about why we're being kept in the dark about it," he said.

15-01-2004, 08:25 AM
Just the simple fact that the locals weren't considered important enough to be told at the time, would obviously be a concern.

Always a lot of flag waving and hoohaa about fish farms but come instances like this the stone stops bleeding.

Cheers, Kerry.

15-01-2004, 09:55 AM
Sure Kerry ,relevant to home as well ! , what has been done to 'eliminate' this 'problem' from occurring in the future i.e. rockfall and rain and making a 'public announcement ,however painful ,to warn people ,particularly in close proximity ??? ??? ::)

Transpose that to 'unforseen cicumstances' occurring in Moreton Bay ,which i'm not sure, is a sorta Marine Park.