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24-01-2004, 02:01 PM
G'day all,

I would like to use this forum to thank a top bloke who helped out a couple of stranded 'aus'fishos today. Unfortunately today while we were out fishing, some little bugger must have got into my car and turned the headlights on ;D, causing me a flat battery on our return to the ramp :P (cos I know I turned em off !!!! ;D ;D ;D.

Anyways the kind bloke was the fella who owns the bait/boat hire shop there closest to the water at the Spinnaker sound marina Bribie Island. He left his shop and drove his own car around to mine and tried to help jumpstart it, without hesitation. So I reckon being that he would probably do it again for anyone of us, we should give him a bit of support and get a drink or something off him, or some fuel - I know I will be!!.

Thanks again mate if your reading this,


25-01-2004, 02:35 AM
good to see a bit of old fashioned service.
i think the guy's name is mark. he has only just taken over the shop. i bought some worms off of him recently and they were pretty good quality. ( i usually don't but much bait as it costs a fortune and somethmes the quality is questionable)

they are going to do that boat ramp up just down from his shop, should be alot quicker than fighting the masses at the spinnaker ramp