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06-04-2004, 06:15 AM

"This document has been posted for information and to encourage discussion among yourselves. For more information from NSW Fisheries on the issue, please visit our web site on www.fisheries.nsw.gov.au"

06-04-2004, 08:35 AM
Man caught with illegal fishing gear on Darling river
April 5, 2004

A 51-year-old man from the State’s far west has had his boat seized and will be prosecuted in court after being found with illegal fishing nets and traps on the Darling River.

The Deputy Director-General of NSW Fisheries, Paul O’Connor, said the man was caught with the illegal fishing gear near Pomona, 38km upstream of Wentworth.

“As a result of this operation, the man will be summonsed to appear in court on illegal fishing charges,” he said.

“NSW Fisheries officers seized eight drum nets, five fish traps and the man’s aluminium boat. Around 20 golden perch found in the traps were returned to the water alive.

“Investigations into the matter are continuing, and the man is expected to face charges of illegally using a drum net and illegally using a fish trap. Each offence carries a maximum penalty of a $22,000 and/or six months jail.

“Freshwater native fish have been protected from all forms of commercial fishing, including the use of drum nets and fish traps, since 2001.

“ Anglers fishing for freshwater native fish are restricted to using one attended fishing line and up to four set lines.”

Mr O’Connor said this case shows NSW Fisheries officers are constantly on the look-out for illegal fishing activity.

“Our fish stocks are a community-owned resource and NSW Fisheries is working to protect this resource for future generations,” he said.

“Anyone with information on illegal fishing activity is urged to contact their NSW Fisheries office or the Fishers Watch phone line 1800 043 536.”

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06-04-2004, 10:26 AM
Yep, another feather in the cap for the NSW Fisheries.

Qld Fisheries..................where's the prosecutions ?

By the way, the maximum penalty should really be impossed on that guy !