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15-04-2004, 06:42 AM
:) Hi all !
Watched an interesting old video the other day, "Charlie White's Fishing Machine Vol 5".
On it,among other things was a segement called "Guru's Tips",where a number of respected guides and fisherpersons (lol) in the USA were interviewed concerning the use of fish attractants.
One guide suggested that the reason we could fish side by side,use the same bait,same rigs,same everthing,yet one will catch fish will the other may not,is that the body scent of one will be attracted to the fish,whereas the body scent of the other may not be for that particular day. ??? ??? (mmmm..."yes dear,there IS a reason I always smell like a fish !) ::) :P ::) :P
The same guide continued to say that it would vary from day to day. If he noticed mostly women were catching fish,he would soak his hands in dish washing liquid :) (lol..well i suppose it is true that perhaps women are slightly more disposed to washing the dishes !...no offense meant ladies).. ;D...Anyway that is what HE said.
(mmm..back to the old banana discussion ;D )
Probably though the most surprising thing on the video was when it contined further with another guide,a lady, saying that on somedays she might even use WD40 on hooks,as an attractant !! "What the ! ??? ??? ???
I guess at the very least it makes you think "outside the square" doesn't it !

15-04-2004, 07:57 AM
Heya Peewee,

I think some of these self appointed "professionals", "experts" and "gurus" just love to listen to themselves talk.

While I wouldn't rule out body odour all together, I would look more for unnatural odours that might work against you. Soaps, aftershave, anti persperants, fuel etc that are unnatural smells to the fish.

When I fish seriously, (doesn't happen too often ;D ), I fuel up at least 24 hrs before I fish and wash any sign of petrol from my hands, I only wash with water no soap, and definately don't use shower in a can. Get wifey to rub on the sunscreen. WD40 and washing liquid would be the same no use in my eyes.

Not saying I am right but it's what I do.

"fish side by side,use the same bait,same rigs,same everthing,yet one will catch fish will the other may not"

Presentation is the answer most times with that scenario, most people fish the same way all the time eg, cast out, slow retrieve stop, retrieve again stop, no bites real in and repeat with no variation. Same bait same cast same retrieve no imagination.

15-04-2004, 11:07 AM
look i know a few bloke that do use wd40 as a acctactor but as far as accractors goes the wd40 sure doesn't last long in to old water!

i still would much prefure to use the more moden oils and sprays!
as for soaps and stuff! well i would much prefure to smell nice than catch a fish!