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04-07-2004, 10:03 PM
hi skippers
[trip costs]
just a survey as to what costs are incured by skippers fishing offshore ???? fuel and oil only :P include the
make / size of the boat, brand / size of motor/s
place and if possible the distant travel....

i want to compare against my costs for a trip to deep tempest????

do you ask the deckies for a equal share of the costs or just a fixed cost for fuel and oil ????

05-07-2004, 03:20 AM
ok im not a skipper but ill let ya know about the boat i fish on most weekends... not really cheap to run but ill happily pay m way!
36 foot rivierra fly bridge game boat
2x 350hp cummins turbo deisels
we fish either the inshore grounds (10-20nm) or the wide grounds (about 40nm).
there is usually 4 or 5 of us on board and divide the fuel bill acordingly. for a day on the inshore grounds we usually chew through about 200L of deisel.

05-07-2004, 03:28 AM
Hi Snappa
No help really, but as a skipper i find even if daily costs are split evenly between those on board, the real cost to run a rig for a day always excede the cost that are split, when you look at every thing that ya need to maintain, not only outboard cost, but safety gear etc
I find that I suffer those costs because I am not a real trusting person with my life in someone elses hands, most people can handle a boat when ever thing goes right, but when it turns sh** face I want to be in control of my safety.

05-07-2004, 05:51 AM
G'Day Snappa,

Don't do a lot of offshore, mainly bay work, but this is what it costs me for a trip.

Boat is a Haines V17R with 115 Yamaha 2s. On ave I'll get 1 mile per litre, don't know if thats good but if it was your car you'd shoot it. This is when we're fully loaded with fishing gear for two and a full tank of fuel @ 90L.

Prefere to fish two up, two's company, three's too squeezy unless of course it is the young lady whom I gave a lift to Macleay Island when she missed the her Ferry. She turned out to be a Lap dancer. ::)

I usually pay fuel, deckie buys bait (must be good and fresh) along with decent burley and suitable refreshments (or they don't come twice). Ave bay trip maybe 30-40 miles. The times I prefere to fish alone I figure if I own the boat, I gotta be able afford to run it too.

I reckon it's better than joining a golf club ;D

Tony 8)

05-07-2004, 08:19 AM
Ok we have a savage 485 aluminium C/Console with a 60hp 1996 Johnson. Fuel tank holds 60 ltrs and a 20 ltr jerry can is the reserve which is usually full from previous trips.

Running at WOT around the bay will get about 45 miles to the tank i think but not exactly sure. Offshore we might go 15 miles to a spot and 15 back and 5 scouting around that will leave us with about1/3 of a tank left usually cos we are going slower.

Average day off shore in the boat costs about $50 - $60 (oil incl.) depending on how much you have to fill up

Cheers, Lachie

05-07-2004, 11:17 AM
HI Pete, I have a 5..3m glass half cab which is as old as noah/130yam, carry 120lts fuel.
Have never really sat down and worked out consumption, since putting the 130 on, suppose its about 1mile per litre, then again im not shy in using the throttle, and like to get from point a to b in quick time.
Just no where i can go in the bay and return with some running around even if seas are shitty and not run out of fuel, even the odd offshore trip, just no the limits of the boat.
If i take acrew out usually 3 of us, usually supply 90% of bait, as i no what bait i need in some areas of the bay.
At the end, i dont ask, but most usually dob in for fuel.
Then again i go out with others or we alternate boats, and we dont pay each other anything, but i usually again bring a majority of the bait.
I just think its a fisho thing, if you fish in someone elses boat, you pay some of the cost without being asked.
But then again i've taken a couple out not once but twice and they have grabbed there share of the fish jump in their car and left, without even a jingle from their pocket, needless to say i though twice about taking them out again.
Suppose on a average 8-10hour trip which covers both top and bottom of tide, im looking at 60-70 per trip.
Again ive never really sat down and worked it all out, most of my bait cost me next to nothing, either through contacts or getting my own.
Fishing to me is getting out there having fun, and worry about the costs latter.
Most of my catches are given away to family or neighbours, and keep very little for myself, seeing im the only one that eats it.
If were all going to start counting every dollar, and im not a loaded in money person, we'll be carrying calculators on board to determine who pays what ;D

05-07-2004, 12:42 PM
Ive got a 7m profish plate with a 135h mariner. The couple of times ive been to d/t on good from spinika, its chewed about 110-140l of petrol. Needless to say then your oil on top. Ive had the oil ijection taken off as it cost me a rebuild so oil to match fuel ratio. Then the bait i buy, good choice of different stuff. My bigest problem is the 4wd that tows it, it cost me about 15-17 dollars to tow it to spinika from caboolture[this pisses me off the most]. Then dont forget the ice 2 bags $6.
The crew i take usally pay $50 each[2 crew] but you get your share of no funds guys, which will never see the boat again. These are the ones that usally chuck so it just pisses you off that bit more. I now fill up on the way fishing, to give them the hint.

05-07-2004, 01:46 PM
Snapper, we've got a 6.2m haines hunter SF. Its got a 175 ocean pro on it and the average trip to DT or Barwons we use around 110- 130 of fuel then you have oil on top. Tow the boat from northside of brisbane so it usually at least another $40 or so dollars. Usually around $20 worth of bait with add on bait from previous trip. 2 bags of ice, tackle lost on trip, especially in trolling season. Have a few bad trips, get knocked around by shitty weather and you think what the hell am i doing. But come the following week you've got your fingers crossed hoping for the weather to be good to go back out and do it all again. We usually share the cost between but either way its bloody expensive. But after a good day it makes it all worth while.

05-07-2004, 03:38 PM

It all sounds familiar. The costs for me is a fraction higher because of the twin motors
Bait is left up to the individual his own preference for offshore.
Ice, well I make and take it from home to save on costs.
Sometimes, when I donít catch anything, one tends to think about tossing it all in??
As 620f states NEXT WEEKEND and chanting at the bit to go.
All you think about is catching that elusive snappa around the 10kg mark.????
Depends on the fuel price as to what I ask 50 Ė 60 and I take either one or two.
Also depends if they want to take their mate out. - No worries to me but fishing is better with only one.
The reason we own boats is the pure enjoyment we get out of fishing and being on the water.
I must keep myself focus but after 4 trips itís hard

i guess if i fished the bay it would be a lot cheaper. no = i will leave the bay snappa to webby might not be enought to go around. ;)

05-07-2004, 06:28 PM
Snappa, hang in their mate, I too have done the calculations and went awful close to selling my pride and joy, then I decided I would be dead a long time ;D I have a 685 Outsider with 2*115Hp (4 stk), for an average day out we chew through $100-$120, however, the best part is not the fuel usage, its the add ons, the boat is kept in the water and I do not own a trailer,my last service cost $1100.00 :o :o :o, that certainly slowed me up a little, I was heading for 350hrs per year, needless to say, I am now on track for 250 hrs per year, by my calcs I have about $11.00 per hr on the motor in servicing alone, then you have all the add ons including antifouling etc and you certainly do have to ask the questions about being a skipper. Then again when a first time fisher or a mate gets a nice fish on board, it just makes my day :D So what do you do, I figure I will just keep fishing until, I earn more money or the bank takes the house (at least I will have somewhere to sleep...go the 685) !!!!!!


05-07-2004, 07:26 PM
Snappa, I have a Haines 680 SF with a 200 Evinrude. A day out to somewhere like Barwon Banks uses between 120 and 160 Litres of fuel, depending on weather conditions and how much running around out there. I also tow the boat about 55km each way to the ramp at Mooloolaba. I usually take one deckie (I prefer extra space and abilty to fish with a couple of rods each) but also take a second at times. I ask for $50 each regardless of 1 or 2 deckies. It doesn't go anywhere near covering the cost, but saving on cost isn't the issue, I love owning a boat and I like to be able to go fishing when and where I want to. If it was about the cost, I would sell the boat and go out on charters.


05-07-2004, 07:38 PM
Most of you regulars know my rig, its seen its share of ausfishers aboard ;D initially "mackmauler" raised a few eyebrows donging fish miles offshore with the big boats but its long ago earned its stripes, although the continental shelf was a long run :-X how much fuel? well on an average day offshore probably no more than 60 litres, distance similar to tempest or further. taking into account bait etc, 20-30 bucks each is the cost, unless we are marlin fishing the esky is pretty solid most days, at fishshop prices a normal day seas the crew go home well in front. new motor soon, might wack a service charge on with this one :P


06-07-2004, 04:30 AM
Last trip out covered around 100 miles for the day. Weather was good for most of the day and did about 18 miles of trolling on the way home. Total fuel used for the day 72 litres. My boat is a 615 yalta with a 200hp yamaha 4 stroke. To say I'm pleased with the fuel economy would be an understatement.

06-07-2004, 08:24 AM
Hey Ron. With consumption like this, I'll have to reduce my contribution.

I'd use more fuel than this in my 15 ft Sportmancraft with 70HP tired old 2 stroke.

06-07-2004, 10:22 AM
Wish you old bastards would work in kms not miles ;D at least it makes me feel young - and yes I can do the conversions but get with it guys :P

First real chance to do the sums on the new rig Pete.

On Friday did the run from Raby Bay to the Wave Rider buoy and around a bit - covered about 100 kms and used 60l - about $53ish bucks.

The price of pillies and squid is bloody expensive now days - I find these put the cost of a trip up - not to say snapper leads if you don't make them yourself - ouch :o.

My mate gave me $30 for the same trip on Sunday using all my gear and bait and fuel in car/boat. While it didn't cover everything I was happy with any cost recovery because in the end I just wanted to get out there.

On Friday I didn't charge the decki anything - it was my fiance ;D


PS Pete I'll do you a deal - a trip in my boat free of cost out to your patch of turf. And a snapper catching technique thrown in as well ;D

06-07-2004, 10:49 AM

when are we going
ready NOW
i will wait for the call ;D ;D
whats the weather like ???

06-07-2004, 01:55 PM
Well guys, with all the above "Chip-in" amounts ranging from $20 - $60 for a days fishing, I think Reputable Ausfish Members are in good hands ;)
It's a comforting feeling to know that if your own rig is out of commission, your looking at a third of the cost (or less) of a Charter for a days fishing with good company where the Skipper is super keen to find fish.

Anyhow that's enough bum licking,

Not sure what my costs would be for a days fishing in the cyclone. I get about 2.3k's to the litre, so a run from Fisherman's Island to Tangas and back (in good conditions) uses 30 litres approx. So I guess if I get the bait (squid, Mullet fillets), I'd be thinking $20 - $25 would be reasonable with one deckie.
But like the other guys have said, its just great to have the boat there so you can hit the water anytime, regardless of the costs (within reason).


06-07-2004, 05:34 PM

10-07-2004, 04:31 AM
If we have 3 onboard say, we just add everything up and divide by three. That includes alcohol, food, bait, ice, fuel for towing, boat fuel and oil. On some big flybridge gameboats I have been on servicing based on $/engine hour have also come into the equation. We haven't started to do that yet in our small boats but we are thinking about it. Our bait and ice bills are often nothing as we usually just take a Tuna from a previous trip out as starter bait then we always catch liveys. Ice we make ourselves in 4 litre ice cream containers or frozen soft drink bottles.

28-07-2004, 01:54 PM
Hey Megafish,
Is that miles or kilometres for 100 trip?


29-07-2004, 09:28 AM
:'( :'( :'( :'( just wishing i had a rig big enough to get off shore. anyone short of a deckie ??? i can usally scrap up some coin at short notice for a fishin mission (50-100 bucks) even been known to help clean a boat or two. ;D ;D ;)

29-07-2004, 11:03 AM
Yes Ebs that miles, Last nites trip travelled 76 miles in an average sea at best, used 62lts. Not many fish though, just a couple of trout b4 dark and 5 red troat and 1 good red for the 2 hours fished after dark. But hey it was better than sitting at home watching the idiot box.
Cheers Ron

29-07-2004, 11:49 AM
Last trip was an average days fishin traveled 85nm and used 90ltrs, I give it a fair work out in usually not very nice seas, a lot of the time pushing lures on 22-2400rpm, which isn't the most economical. Usually travel between 18 an 22nm out an back, the rest is trolling or drifting. I do not switch the motors off all day.

I do not usually ask for cash, but most people chip in ( $50 is reasonable). I prefer they use all my gear, so there aren't any failures (unless they are familiar with game fishing) and I expect them to help with the clean up. Most people know the costs of these things, so I believe its up to the visitor to ask how much. They only get one go at it.

$50 is cheap as considering the maintainance of the rod reels and terminal gear alone, not to mention the time spent on boat maintenance.

the motors are 2 x 50 4strokes on the back of a little markham whaler, which together return better than 1nm /ltr.


29-07-2004, 03:23 PM
And for the smaller variety,,,,,

Mine is only a 4.5 runabout with a 35hp.

Last Friday would be pretty typical trip out and around Mud Island. Went throught 20 litres and spent about $15 on bait. When asked what the share was I said $15.00 as we ended up not using much bait. Something close to even shares on bait and fuel seems reasonable. I don't include car fuel as I would be there on my one if it came to going or not going. But if it was a long way to the ramp then would reconsider I supose.


29-07-2004, 09:42 PM

Will find out in about six weeks time. As much as you wan't to as a skipperr !!! ;D ;D [smiley=2thumbsup.gif]


31-07-2004, 09:30 AM
It costs a lot less to fish inside the bay but you have to be better than me to consistantly get a feed.

I wish you could eat Grinners! Bigger and more plentiful than whiting most of the time.

I just spent $1,800.00 on a fishing trip to marble Island. Was there for 6 nights. flew up from bris and out from Rocky. Caught heaps of quality fish.

That means $300.00 per day. This included: Bait, shed loads of beer, flights, accom, boat hire ect.

How does that compair to owning and maintaining a boat plus the running costs?

The down side, I cant go fishing there today. If you own a boat you can go whenever you want. Weather permitting.

31-07-2004, 12:03 PM
I remember a while back Heath was talking about how much we spend on fishing / how much we earn. I think offshore trips / outboard sizes are very much related to that topic. Its all about living by your means. I purchased a boat that I could afford to run regardless of crew or not. So i picked up a 60hp efi 4 stroke. It costs me on average about 20 dollars a trip out. Most trips are offshore trips latley and i manage to get to the 24's , and soon 36's on good days no problems.

The moral of the story is .. dont buy a friggin big haines hunter with twin 250's if you cant afford to put fuel in it by yourself!

31-07-2004, 01:16 PM
Sounds like there are plenty of fishermen/ skippers that take on deckies for a day of fishing and a little help with costs. I have fished commercially up north and cost can get out of hand. But i now spend money going on charters. I enjoy the day but i would love toget out more often. I would also lrather give my money to an Ausfish member rather than a stranger. I have 2 kids and 1 income so cutting costs for me would be great. If there are any skippers that need a deckie that pays i am local to the redlands and available most weekends. 8)