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13-12-2004, 05:03 PM
G-day all, Well we hit the dam early this morning with a mate and his son. I had my eldest boy and one of his mates so I took my tinny as well. The fishing was a little slow and my mate decided he needed to go home as he was buggered. I decided to hang around for a little longer. We said our good bye's and off he went. Two hours latter while i was driving home my mobile picked up service and went off and the young fella had a look and said there was a voice message for me. I thought it was bloody work again and said it could wait. But it got the better of me so I asked Brian to check it out. Just as he was listening to the message I came accross our friend on the side of the road. Brian said the message was from him and that he had fallen asleep and had an accident and needed some help. By the time we arrived he had already replaced his front wheel as it had blow when they hit the pipe in the culvit. I could not beleive how far the vehical and boat had travelled in the air after becoming air born. After hitting the dirt again the trailer was trying to overtake his jackaroo and in the middle of the second pic you can see where the rh side trailer wheel dug in to the ground and almost tipped the lot over. It compleatly emptied the boat of all the gear and rolled the tyer off the rim before they hit the fence and eventually come to a halt up aginst another fence post. When the trailer jacked knifed it punched the minn kota through his rear window smashing the minny into 3 seperate bits. It almost twisted the hitch off the trailer stretching the bolts to there limit. Bent the rh side slide on the trailer at 90deg so the boat was resting on the metal brackets as the wood had busted off. And the boat was almost 300mm to the right sitting over the mud guard. This put so much pressure on the tie down strap it pulled the side of the tinny in and split the side near the transom.The mate ended up with some badly strained back musscles while his young fella got a nasty burn across his neck from the seat belt.
Take care out on the roads people. If you are tired pull over for a break. My mate was less then 5ks from his house when he droped off to sleep behind the wheel. We are just glad he and the young bloke are alive and will be able to fish another day.
Have a safe christmas everyone.


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A warning to us all, It is too easy to forget and we don't often get second chances. I drive Maroochydore Brisbane and return quite often. almost every trip I see an accident or new slid marks somewhere along the road.

Have a safe christmas & come home alive.

14-12-2004, 04:21 AM
and remember not to drink drive anyone that drink drives is a complete F**cking idiot and wear ya seatbelt thats important to

cheers sam,