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Derek Bullock
12-12-2004, 11:51 AM
News.com (http://www.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,4057,11658577%255E2,00.html)

December 11, 2004

THE Federal Government is to buy up 114 commercial fishing licences in a move to further protect the Great Barrier Reef.

Environment Minister Ian Campbell and Fisheries Minister Ian Macdonald said the licences would come from businesses affected by rezoning of the Great Barrier Reef Marine park and would cost $31.85 million.

They said the buyback was the first major milestone of the Government's structural adjustment package to address social and economic impacts of the reef rezoning.

The plan attracted widespread support with fishermen offering 583 licences for buyback with the government taking just under 20 per cent.

The Queensland Rural Adjustment Authority will notify successful applicants by December 17. Unsuccessful applicants will also be notified.

Senator Campbell said the buyout would go a long way towards ensuring fishing in the park remained sustainable.

"It also recognises the economic effect of increasing the areas of the park protected in green no-take zones from four to 33 per cent - an unprecedented step in the preservation of this prized world heritage area," he said in a statement.

Senator Campbell said the licences to be acquired were spread across all major fisheries in the park.

"We set a target for each fishery that reflected the impact of the Representative Areas Program closures on the fishing industry," he said.

"By removing this amount of effort we are giving those fishermen who remain in the industry the best chance of staying viable."

Senator Macdonald said the Government had stated all along that people and business affected by the rezoning would be treated fairly.

"The licence buyout is a down-payment of almost $32 million on that commitment," he said in a statement.

Senator Macdonald said the Federal Government's approach to providing structural adjustment assistance stood in stark contrast to the Queensland Government which had offered fishermen not one cent to address their loss of fishing grounds from the rezoning.

He said the licence buyout was stage one of the adjustment process.

Work will now start on helping other businesses to restructure their operations with the Queensland Regional Assistance Authority set to visit Queensland ports next month.

12-12-2004, 01:48 PM
??? would check out similar inland buy back scheme from nsw several years ago / then compare to current legislation/
personel comment from charexblue "Did the rules change afterwards so that viability is not a secure option ?" :-X

12-12-2004, 04:06 PM
So when are they going to actually adress the real issues, instead of political grandstanding, saying nothing and going absolutely no where ::)

Cheers, Kerry.

12-12-2004, 06:30 PM
A few minutes after they stop patting themselves on the back and take the cotton wool out of their ears

13-12-2004, 03:43 AM
31.8m between 114 businesses not much when you think about it some of these peaple have been doing this all their lives and to be offerd a couple of years wage to stop doesnt seem like much chop to me

13-12-2004, 05:17 AM
583 licences were offered to the government. And only 114 were bought out.

Makes you wonder how many are out there to begin with. Does anyone know?

13-12-2004, 06:17 AM
Mini thats a valad point would be interesting to find out
And it would be nice if they bought the lot for every ones sake theres going to nbe alot of dissapointed pro out there 469 to be precise that are going to struggle with a bussines that they no longer want

13-12-2004, 06:58 AM
O'k Kerry enlighten us with your wisdom what are the real issues according to KERRY?????????????

13-12-2004, 09:02 AM
O'k Kerry enlighten us with your wisdom what are the real issues according to KERRY?????????????

Real issues are the facts and if you don't know what they are by now then your probably just as deaf as those that don't want to now either.

Cheers, Kerry.

14-12-2004, 01:09 PM
Thanks for clearing that up..So as i understand, its about hearing loss within the community and those poor souls that suffer from it !