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24-12-2004, 09:06 AM
:)hi guys :)

just moved over from the u.k around 7 weeks ago and love it here ;D every thing is just what we thought it would be and so much more!!!!! people really nice and friendly and pace of life great!!! along with so much to see and do.

thing is i need to get into a fishing club of some sort to meet some of you boys and learn how to fish Aus style and to get a chance to socialise with you boys and sink a few beers!!! ;D

are there any beach fishing clubs that run regular trips or any of you guys that get together to fish the beaches that dont mind a pom tagging along i have brought all my gear over from the u.k so wont be bludging any tackle or anything just want to meet up with some like minded people and learn all i can and meet a few friends ;D

any advice as to where to fish also would be appreciated as i only know mudjimba and buddina as possible choices and i may be missing out on action in the rivers on lures etc etc

thanks guys in advance ;D


24-12-2004, 05:58 PM
Hey Paul welcome to the coast sorry no one has replied to your post.

I'm in Maroochydore but fish the north shore and anywhere Tim / Zeeke takes me :-)

I am pretty busy over the Christmas break but will try to catch up early next year.

Keep trying Mudjimba, the rivers are pretty washed out at the moment the mouth of Maroochy or Moloola on the incoming tide should be OK for a go at night after the Jet Skis have left.

If not poke round and have fun.

Welcome to paradise!

Cheers Doug

PM me and I will send My email.

have a hot christmas:-)

25-12-2004, 04:29 AM
:) :)HEY DUG :) :)

cheers mate thanks for the reply :) i have sent you a pm with my e mail addy love to meet up mate when you are ready ........thank you :)

have a great christmas and all the best for 2005!!!

kind regards

paul :)

25-12-2004, 05:02 PM
Hi Ratherbfishing

Welcome to the Sunshine Coast.

I fished Maroochy North Shore this afternoon. Some good holes/gutters just south of the flagged swimming areas. Unfortunately too much weed in the water.

Might be fishing the area again on the afternoon of the 27th - not a bad location for bream, whiting, dart and flathead.

If you see a tall guy fishing, with a bored looking wife sitting higher up on the beach, that'll be me!

Hope you first(?) Aussie Christmas is a pleasant and safe one!