View Full Version : Its always the small rod to go!!!

28-12-2004, 05:23 AM
hey guys.

has anyone been fishing and they've had a few bigger rods out hoping to catch a big fish. and then u've got a little light thing and then that takes off and u have no chance of gettin the fish in. i have :-[ :-[. i was at inskip point a while back and we had the big spin rods out hoping for a mackeral or a treva. we had pillies out with no luck so far. i decided to put bait jig on. i was using 4lb fireline. as soon as it hit the water i watched this mackeral grab this bait jig. i didnt get it in of course. this happened about 3 times that day. does anyone else have a similar story i would love to hear them.

cheers scott

28-12-2004, 05:56 AM
Out with Lucky Phil last Thurday chasing macks in Moreton Bay. I had two rods rigged - my main one using an Okuma CD 90 with 30lbp braid and another older lighter piece of shit with a drag that hardly works as a back if something went wrong with the main rod.

I was driving chasing a flock of birds and was a bit over anxious as we pulled up I got the wrong rod. I had it in my hand and the fish were smashing right in front of us so decided to cast anyway. 10 winds later I hook a longtail tuna that was massive. The ones that went under the boat looked like 44 gallon drums with fins and I had this one on the other side of the boat doing mach2 and heading frot he horizon. I was down to the backing in 15 secs and would have lost it there and then if Phil hadn't got to the steering wheel and chased.

Anway I couldn't put enough pressure on the fih but did manage to get it to within 50m after about 20m but it eventually straighted the treble and swam away to fight another day.

If only I'd taken 5 extra seconds to pick up the correct rod I would have probably beaten my record for a longtail tuna.