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29-12-2004, 07:25 PM
It seems that the government has plans, which are further along than the public knows, to mine millions of tons of sand out of Moreton Bay. They claim that it will have NO affect to the ecosystem and marine life which is absolute bullsh*t. As we know, decisions are made be most governments with greed being it's biggest factor. I don't know enough about the subject, but I do know that it will have substancial negative affects on the amount of marine life living in the bay. I will find out more info and hopefully the address and person to which I encourage you to e-mail or write a letter of concern to in the hope to stop them affecting our bay. Please post more info on the subject here as I would like to know more about it, or your comments as I plan to also direct the person who makes these decisions to hopefully view this post.
Remember, We fish and we vote. Time they start taking that into consideration.

29-12-2004, 07:35 PM
Seems that not the first time they considered this--



On the 8th of August BREC became aware that consultants WBM were circulating a letter calling for comment on a draft terms of reference for mining the Northern Banks of Moreton Bay. This letter was only circulated to very few groups. When we obtained a copy of one of these letters we alerted the Courier Mail and other groups. Below is a copy of the letter and a map of the area to mined.

This represents a concerted attack on the ecological integrity of Moreton Bay by State Development/EPA/DME to serve the needs of an out of control development industry and the privatised Brisbane Airport.

The DME wants to mine around 20 Million tonnes for the Airport and other major infrastrucure

This mining operation could seriously comprise the marine park and have impacts on fisheries, the whole bay and surrounding islands such as Moreton and Bribie islands. This highlights gaping holes in the Marine Parks Act and the Environmental Protection Act. NO EIS legally required for this proposed mine or of the new mine on the Spitfire banks. This process ignores current work being done to develop a SEQ Regional Extractives Plan to coordinate the identification and assessment of potential resource areas. If this is State Developments and DME idea of public consultation we can hardly wait for for whats in the yet unrealeased State Planning Policy for Extractives.

Write to your State Member and urge them to stop this new mining in Moreton Bay.

Write to your Federal Member and urge them to stop this new mining in Moreton Bay. Demand that a federal Environmental Impact Statement be done and that the Ramsar Listed Moreton Bay Wetlands are protected.