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06-01-2005, 07:44 AM
G'day all. I know all of us here in Oz have been watching the news of the tsunami and the havoc it has caused in South East Asia. My name is Andrew Warmbrunn and I am a post grad student at the University of Newcastle currently studying my masters of science, doing research on ways to empower low income fishermen in Java, Indonesia. With the devistation caused in Aceh, the loss of friends I have made in both Aceh and North Sumatra on fishing and surfing trips, and being married to an Indonesian, I have been trying to work out a way to help the fishing communities rebuild. I have come up with an idea that we, the Australian fishing community, can implement. By providing boats, nets, fishing gears and motors we can help fishermen begin the long process of becoming self-dependent again and empower them to rebuild their lives. It's my vision to unite fishermen throughout Australia, both individuals and clubs, under a single organisation to raise and distribute funds over the coming years to create a sustainable future for fishermen and their families in Indonesia through the gift of boats and fishing gears which have been lost and destroyed. Through creating the opportunity for wealth generation through fishing, this is the start of rebuilding communities and their economies.
At present I am looking for individuals and groups who are interested in forming such an organisation. It is a big project and will need the knowledge of many professionals to set-up legaly and run, promote and fund raise. Although I have experience in researching fisheries and communties in South East Asia, I know little about the legalities and processes involved in setting up such an organisation. By creating a network throughout the Australian fishing community I am sure we will be able to create such an organisation that highlights the principles of charity, non-profit, ethics, and good-will. I am asking for your help and support. It is my hope that every state and territory, every fishing club, every fishermen and women can take part in this and empower Indonesian fishermen. It is a long term plan.
If you are able to contribute your time, skills, knowledge, or just your written support, please contact me. Together it will be possible to make a difference.
I look forward to your replies.
My background in Indonesia comes from a Bachelor of Arts (Indonesian and Sociology), a Certificate of Performing Arts from the Indonesian Academy of Performing Arts in Padang Panjang, West Sumatra, four years teaching English in Jakarta (which also involved teaching the Department of Marine Affairs and Fisheries) and currently studying a Masters of Science (Resource Management) through the University of Newcastle, Ourimbah Campus concerning small fishing communities of Southern West Java. I was married in April, 2003, in West Java, and I am currently living with my my on the Central Coast of NSW. I hope this gives you an idea of why I am doing this and my commitment to my idea.
Thankyou for taking the time to read this and hopefully in the future we will be able to work together to make a positive and long term contribution to this tragic event.
Yours Sincerely,
Andrew Warmbrunn (Turtle)

06-01-2005, 02:14 PM
Sounds like a good idea to me !

Most of my spare stuff is in a container heading for Sri Lanka but I'm willing to help any way I can.

well done

cheers doug