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03-01-2005, 04:25 AM
Was fishing of the Cape on sat. anchored up on a nice rise with a few fish around, nothing spectacular, when this boat comes and starts circling around us. Well as we all know when fishing these popular spots you have accept this sort of thing.Anyway I notice a dive flag of the back of this boat and after circling me a dozen times, fairly close to I might add, this fella yells out to me "are you on the pinnacle" (ha ha I thought) so I reply "of course I am". He then tells me that it's to deep for him to dive on. (We were in 67ft to 80ft drop). Now I'm thinking if it's to deep then what the hell are you doing here.
So he then anchores up quite close to the back of us and precedes to don the wetty and prepare to dive.( [smiley=thumbsup.gif]yeah one of you best mate)
As I'm reeling in and preparing to move, my mate says look at this, and to my amazement :o these 2 blokes don't have tanks, there snorkling ???.So we hang around a bit longer to see if they actually do have tanks, but no they don't.
Now I'm not sure if I'm thinking right here, but a bloke turns up to have a dive in water he says is too deep for him with no tanks and on a pinnacle that another boat is fishing on. Am I right in thinking it's that time of year for tourists. [smiley=wut.gif]

03-01-2005, 04:59 AM
Did they have spearguns?

03-01-2005, 05:11 AM
Devocean, they did'nt have any with them in the water while I was there.

03-01-2005, 05:17 AM
Weird. I do know a few free divers who could make that depth. Free divers can actually go deeper than scuba divers because of tank pressure. They might have been reconing the place for a spear later. Often spearos will drift on top of the bombie and use flashers to attract big pelagics hanging around the bombie to the surface.

You should have strated throwing sinkers at them for anchoring up thta close anyway and jumping in. As a spearo I try to spear as far away from people fishing as I can.

03-01-2005, 07:29 AM
Funny you should mention pelagigs as I had 2 floating baits out the back which he new about as he neally ran over both and I would hate ;D to see one of those go off and slice his arm off with the 60lb braid while he is floating on top of the water.

Another thing he mentioned, which I did'nt put in the story, was that he did'nt want to crowd me.

Anyway thought it would be a light hearted amusing story to tell on the weird things that go through peoples minds.

03-01-2005, 06:35 PM
some guys are smart - doh!! Free divers could easily make it, but why so close to your floating baits?? Did they have something tattoed on their foreheads? (eg Voice of the Planet, PETA).


03-01-2005, 06:49 PM
I was fishing today in a little known spot with pleny of room to get past.

The water is only 6ft deep or so, so the fish can hear any noise.

Had a boat come right up to me (i could have spat on him he was so close) he said G'day, circled my boat at a distance of about 10 meters and then went right over our lines.

All the while he was only doing 2 kt's. This interlude too about 4 minutes in total.

I looked at my mate and asked him if he had even seen anything so strange to which he simply replied "no" :-)

Strange indeed. I would say funny but I wasn't amused, even though i didn't say anything to the guy.

03-01-2005, 09:12 PM
Gotta luv Chrissy Holiday Time ;D ;D
Went to Moreton on Saturday for a family BBQ - got there early while tide was still out so had to drop anchor fair way out. Come lunchtime and high tide along comes this knob in his 30+ft flybridge cruiser who decides to drop anchor 30 m in front of us straight over the top of my floating silver >:( - I yell out to this clown that he was on top of my anchor and he then give ME an earful saying that his boat will swing around. Well it did swing around straight over the top of my rope so I give HIM a huge spray of abuse which must have upset him. He starts his boat, starts pulling his anchor up but low and behold the rope is caught around his drive shaft/rudder. On with the mask and snorkel and in he goes to unravel the mess while I wait impatiently to make sure he doesnt cut my rope.

Mission successful and away he goes down the way about 200 m and does the same thing to the guy down from me.

What an idiot, funny thing is up the other way there was not a boat yet he still had to come right on top of us >:(

Spaniard - What sort of boat did they have ? I was trolling briefly around Flinders on Friday and there was a blue boat with a strange half circle poly console that went from one coaming to the other whose occupants were spearfishing there :o

I thought that was illegal at Flinders ???



04-01-2005, 03:25 AM
hi spaniard,
i would have asked him if he minded if you stuck a 10/0 up his arse, while he was flapping around on the surface. would have been a bloody good live bait.
might go down to the ramp this arvo with a couple of coldies and watch the circus [smiley=argue.gif] [smiley=veryangry.gif] [smiley=gossip.gif]

04-01-2005, 04:44 AM
I was so busy watching what this bloke was doing that I didn't take much notice of the boat, but it was like the old 15/16ft yellow cuddy cab with a lightly made canopy over the back.

When we got back to spinnaka at bribie, had to pull in on the beach about 5 boats up from the ramp.It's strange how I can get my boat on the trailer before the other blokes get there trailers even close to the ramp and their mates who are holding the boats give me dirty looks like I supposed to wait for them to stop stuffing around ;D
Anyway if there's a space at the ramp and I'm next in line with my car then I will take it.

cheers Paul

04-01-2005, 08:48 AM
ha ha butt monkey season ;D
another great butt monkey practice at spinnaker is to jam up the car park after pulling your boat out.it dosent matter if there is 20 empty carparks on the exit side.the best place to pull up and unload 50 ton's of crap from your boat to your car is right in the middle of the exit road so no one else can get out.and remember if your mate is a butt monkey as well pull over to one side so he can park next to you,that will definatley stop everyone else.
maybe we should have a shame file in the saltwater pics page.we all carry cameras so you just ask the butt monkeys to smile and wave,as they are running over your gear,or pi$$ing you off at the ramp,or doing whatever bad things they like to do.then we will see if the same person pops up more than once.ha ha
cheers scott

04-01-2005, 02:44 PM
Sounds like youv'e had plenty of experiences down there Scott.
I'll try not to upset you if I see you there ;Dlol

Hope there not working you to hard and you can get some fishing in this weekend.

04-01-2005, 04:08 PM
Reminds me about fishing mid week at south MAroubra about 15 years ago.

I noticed a coupe of scuba divers walking the rocke several hindred meters away.. thought nothing of it and went back to fishing. Some time later on of my rods went off , I grabbed it out of the rod holder , nothing there . Reeled it in , no bait , hook leader or sinker. In fact even the leader was gone. OK crook knot or something. So I begin to rig up again and one of the other rods goes off..same thing again. Yhen I notice a disturbance on the water. Bubbles...
Its those bloody divers I thought. So I stick on one of those old 200 or 300 gm NAt NAt Kingie jigs on the 15 kg Jig rod with the 2 speed TLD Beastmaster, cast out and slow wind. Nothing.

Another cast ....nothing.. maybe I was mistaken..
No there are more bubbles ..Another cast..let the Jig sink..HOOKUP

Do you know how hard itis to crank a diver up from 12 mts ??

The jig had fortunately caught the ###### on the back of his bcd and he was helpless to cut himself free. On breaking the surface he gave me a spray about te danger associated with quick ascent whilst diving. I advised him that the time it took me to pull him in was enough time for him to decompress twice and that there was more danger in cutting off fishermens rigs for the sake of it. He said it was only a joke.Big Joke ..just cost me ball bearing swivels , Live bait hooks, line , sinker and a heap of time and swearing tying plaited doubles. I read him his horoscope, un hooked him and he and his mate took off.

I suppose it could have been dangerous but you don't really think about these things when you are young.

I bet that bloke never cut another fishing line again.

04-01-2005, 05:49 PM
you mentioned Butt monkeys tieing up the ramps, etc.

Had an interesting butt monkey today - a water policman on a jet ski in Townsville. Public Holiday today, 5-15 knots (5 early morning), so let's just say busy. Our main boat ramp has ONE pontoon and it's only small enough for one boat at a time really. Coming back from trip there has to be 4 or 5 boats idling waiting for this policeman on his jetski next to another boat talking to two female ambulance officers (we thought accident, but turns out they were just having a chat). Anyway the other boat unloads passengers and leaves - next boat goes over (i'm next in line after this one)- policeman proceeds to go over and start asking them questions - they're pulling flares out, safety jackets, licence, doing a short essay on the law - honestly we're waiting 15 minutes. So we decide f**k it - we;ll just do our usual (don't know why we didn't in the first place) and unload on the ramp. Glass boat so need a deskie to jump off the bow so the boat doesn't ram the ramp - the ramp is about 20-30 metres from pontoon - we proceed to head over with my mate sitting on the bow (6 knot zone) - policeman starts waving at us frantically - we couldn't understand what he was going on about - so he jumps on his jet ski - flies over and proceeds to tell us that BOW RIDING is illegal, it's not a good idea to do it in front of him and it's a large fine. We explained that we need someone to jump off the bow at the ramp and he said that that's fine, but it has to be close to the ramp (we were about 15 metres away). He made my mate get in the boat and then as we're about 5 metres out my mate had to rush onto the bow.

Monkey - because why in gods name would this fool be using the pontoon to question boats when there is a line up of boats waiting to use it?

Bow riding at 6 knots - hmmm dangerous criminals!!

05-01-2005, 03:29 AM
Saw a fella back his boat and trailer down the ramp, push the boat off, jump in boat and head out fishing. Car and trailer happily sitting on the ramp for his return.
It is a 3-4 lane ramp, but it still created some drama.

06-01-2005, 12:59 PM
last easter we were on the artificial reef in hervey bay there were more boats than you could poke a stick at and a diver comes in the middle of everyone and turns his generator on. this did not impress many of the fisherman at all with 6ball sinker coming from everwhere i had a live whiting down on 80 pound braid hoping for a cod . i hooked something solid and began to fight the fish. after a little while the line went very heavy and not long after a 10 kilo goldie and a very irate diver came to the surface the fish had wrapped around his rope. after giving not just me a serve but all the fisherman he thought it would be in his best interests to go back down because now the sinkers were flying. i hope he copped one or two. And a second incident with stupidity was at double island point trolling for tailor when a whindsurfer decided it would be a good idea to go past about two metres behind the boat. the trebles did there job that day.

06-01-2005, 09:40 PM
smart windsurfer!