View Full Version : Maggie island question

10-01-2005, 09:40 PM
Hey guys, has anyone here ever taken a boat to Magnetic Island (off Townsville) for holidays? A friend has a house over there and we go stay when ever we get a chance but I never take my boat cause I donít wanna leave it moored (spelling) somewhere unsecured. Anyway Iím just wondering if anyone knows if thereís somewhere secure (maybe the new harbour?) where I could leave it over night or am I just going to have to fork out and take the car and trailer over on the barge?
thanks for any help.

11-01-2005, 06:43 AM
best thing to do is ask them. We've taken a boat over a few times and depends what we're doing and the weather. We stayed on the boat at Florence Bay (very calm and beautiful) - you could moore there and your friends could pick you up - there's usually a few yachts moored. NO camping allowed on beach, but is a national park toilet.

Otherwise Horseshoe Bay is popular - anchor anywhere, but if NE blowing strong can be a bit rough.

New harbour at Nelly bay would be good, but don't know about availability / cost of mooring facilities (if you find out let me know). you might have a chance of getting something short term as nothing much in there at the moment - only a couple houses built.

I would pretty much anchor at any bay / beach (except Arcadia) closest to their house. No one going to have much of an issue, but if they do "sorry mate I didn't know - is there somewhere where I can anchor up?"

Florence would be my personal choice though if other boats around (security).