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01-02-2006, 04:18 PM
What is going on. Has anyone any news of fish being caught at Brooklyn or Berowra waters lately. My Parents took me fishing as a kid and it was plentiful. Now I have kids and the best we could do is mud crabs and eels! Are the bream flatties and taylor congragating elsewhere now? Have we had a spill of something scaring off the fish? Where will I take my 7yo boy to inspire him to fish? ANY IDEAS WOULD BE APPRECIATED! Hi Ho Little Fishy.

01-02-2006, 04:33 PM
Hi Mate - I grew up in, around and on Pittwater and fished all over the place in the Hawksbury River - Berowra area.

Our old secret to breaming and fishing in general was either early morning and night with no moon, fishing mostly with mullet gut, no sinkers and six pound line anywhere around the oystery rocks and sand flats or the corners of the bays - head out a bit earlier if you can and take a small hammer with you and go in around the rocks and smash a few oysters - as the water rises it will bring the bream on for sure. Also try berleying with chicken pellets tuna oil and mashed pilchards. Try live baiting for Hairtail & Jewfish in the deeper bays and spinning over the sand flats for flathead. many people think that the fish are way out somewhere else when mostly they will be right near you around all the rocks. Many times at night we have heard the bream right up on the rocks splashing and thrashing around as they get their teeth into the oysters and many times weve caught them with no skin left on their noses from grubbing around too hard on the rocks. Dont forget fresh yabbies to be found in most of the bays on the flats at low tide - another excellent bait.

Find Oysters - find Bream.


01-02-2006, 09:18 PM
Hey Fishy,
welcome to ausfish buddy. To answer ya question I fished H'bury system many years and there's plenty of spots holding fish. I saw a rerun of a 2005 fishing comp on tv on sunday huge bloody bream in the hawkesbury, didn't say where exactly but they're there.
Used to fish from Neverfail below Mt White to 25 k off broken bay, Bar pt. for Jew, around Dangar Isl. for flathead,cabbage tree bay for luderick the spots are uncountable. Try railbridge for Jew and bream watch for catties.
A special spot for me is downstream from Appletree bay (Bobbin Head).
travelling downstream there is a number of inlets leading off to your left you WILL get plenty of Jackets in these. In onre of these inlets there is a cliff face to your left and about halfway up this face there is an ochre fish symbol on the rock , whether natural or not I,m not sure could be rock-art, under this symbol is a deep drop-off full of huge and I mean huge jackets. Get close up to the rock and you'll find this drop-off. Haven't fished it for years as I now live on the gold coast but it fished well for years and I can't see it stopping in a hurry unless some scum arse raped it. Good luck and I hope you nail em. Shaman ;)

01-02-2006, 10:54 PM
Great tips guys. Thanks for welcoming me to the site. I will definately try your suggestions. Looking forward to the next time out with the kids. Appreciate the help, thanks. Little Fishy.