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21-09-2006, 09:13 PM
I read the post about the quaranteen guys dropping their trailer off the end of the Colmslie Boat Ramp and it got me to think abut my most embarrassing moment at the boat ramp. Just wondered if I was the only gumby out there(I'll probably be embarrassed by this post but here goes). Has anyone else had any embarrassing moments at the ramp?

Two of mine come to mind:

1) At the little boat ramp at Tingalpa Creek one freezing morning in the middle of winter about ten years ago, I put the little glass 12ft boat in the water with the six HP Evenrude and put the trailer up in the car park. Buggerised around a bit locking up the car and grabbing the last couple of items I wanted for the boat and when I got back to the boat it was under water at the back and there was a trail of my stuff such as life jackets and esky etc etc floating out of the creek on the outgoing tide. Forgot the bloody bungs, didn't I >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(. Ah well, not so bad I thought, I would bail out the boat and chase the stuff out to and pick it up. Problem was that the two buckets I jhad to bail with had floated about 100 metres out towards the mouth of the creek. Had to wade in freezing waste deep water to get them and then bail the bloody boat as people were walking past and another old timer came to put his boat in the water as well. Have never forgot the bungs since that day. ;) ;) ;) ;)

2) I came into the sand beside the boat ramp at Cabbage tree point and there was this gorgeous looking lass about 19 years of age wearing a bikini and helping (probably her dad) load up their boat before heading out. I decided I would show off my manly prowess and skills in handling the boat, and so I cut the motor and decided to strut up to the front of the boat and jump off as it grounded. Problem was, that as I jumped over the side of the boat my foot caught the bloody the bloody gunwhale and I did this sort of very unco ordinated cartwheel type manouvre and ended up falling face first into the water with one foot still hung up on the side of the boat. Thinking I couldn't embarrass myself any further, I stood and looked directly at her, and of course she was looking straight at me, along with the 20 odd other people around the ramp at the time, and so I shrugged my shoulders, gave her a wink and went to walk up the bank and tripped straight into one of those melon holes that you get at that boat ramp and did the second face dive is about as many seconds. This time I got up and sheepishly tried to put my head down walk up towards the car, dripping wet, every feeling of prowess absolutely shattered. But the final nail in the coffin came as I walked past the old man of the lass and he said in a nice loud voice, "Geez mate, looks like it is a bit rough out there today" at which everybody errupted in laughter. Only did that the once as well ;) ;) ;) ;)

I'm sure there are better stories then mine, are you game to post them??

Cheers ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

21-09-2006, 09:41 PM
years ago on bribie ,got this monster of a whiting ,great weigh him in for fish of the week, heres an idea give him a little boost in the weight dept ,by stuffing a couple of snapper moulds down his gullet great idea so far. weigh him in bloody heaviest whiting for a long time, lookin good, better get him off the scales at the fish shop, go to grab him when bloody woman grabs him by tail holds him up, he,s a beauty, clonk,klonk,klonk, on the counter, dont have to tell you what the clonk,clonk,clonk was, and it had to be in a crowded shop . was wondering whether to , leave fish and run, or what, grabbed overweight whiting and slid out of shop.......................never again, hubby

21-09-2006, 09:49 PM
I think everyone forgets the bungs out "ONCE" #;D ;D ;D ;D I did it in my F/Glass #1/2 cab boat about 15 yrs ago never done it since #;D ;D ;D But she didn't go under #;) ;) ;)

Have been pretty lucky, but 1 story comes to mind and Janine has nicknamed me Bullimore because of it! ;D ;D ;D :-[

It was late afternoon and went out for a fish in the passage in Caloundra solo. #Even though Janine buys me a new tide book EVERY year for Xmas, I don't look at it! :-[

Pulled up in the normal spot near the shallows and settled in for a session! #Realised too late that the tide was not coming in as I had thought but going out and I was stranded, in the middle of the Pumicestone Passage in the dark in the middle of winter! :( #

Even though it was my old, smaller tinny (4.3 mtr savage with a 40 HP), I could not move the bloody thing no matter how hard I pushed!, I pulled even used an oar to try and lever her out. Eventually I had to admit defeat and rang Janine at the house to ask her to organise a rescue!!! :-[ #Well even this proved to be a problem - Sarah was only about 12 months old and obviously could not be left alone and her parents had not arrived yet so I was stuck!!!! #No food, no water and only being dressed in shorts and a Tshirt - it got soooo cold that #:-[ :-[ :-[ I resorted to wrapping the lifejackets around my legs! :-[ :-[ :-[

When Janine's parents arrived she put the rescue mission into action! #But her Dad's little tinny didn't have any lights as he didn't do any night fishing back then and they had to go and buy a torch at the servo on the way to the ramp! #Janine rang me from the ramp and I started to flash my 2 million candle power torch at them to show my position - high and dry!!! ;D ;D ;D

After Janine and her Dad stopped laughing, it took all three of us pushing to get the bloody boat off that sand bank, it seemed like the water was 100m away but it was probably only 20m! #On the way home I overtook them and made it look like "I" was the one who was rescuing "them" :D ;D and leading them back to shore! ;D ;D ;D #

I have, and probably will never, live this down! Get's brought up every now and again just to keep me honest. #;D ;D ;D

Peter AKA Bullimore #:)

21-09-2006, 09:58 PM

I still have tears of laughter in my eyes from your story,

mine is a bung story too!!

I love my boat & spare little expense in her up-keep, the time came when she needed a new motor, so with the new 115 on the back, Ida & I went to give the new motor the maiden voyage...... proudly backed down the ramp... pushed her off with motor running.....still backing away from the ramp when I noticed a lot of water suddenly in the back section........ FRENZIED ARM WAVING , DONT MOVE THE TRAILER, my only other choice would have been 20 odd knots up & down in a 4 knot zone to keep it empty.
I think I was a bit too excited.


21-09-2006, 10:09 PM
Hi hubby
i think we have all had some lifes most embarrassing moments
i remember a couple while travelling to tipplers with a few boats skales was there and had the wife and some friends on board hit the junction and thought i would take a short cut well travelling at about 30kts and hit the mud bank came to one almighty stop :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ embarrassment 105

another time when i was younger? much younger than before i was fishing off the jetty with a mate the rod buckled over hit the rod hooks came skyrocketing back needless to say i ended up with the mouth full of hooks 2 hanging from the lips and one from the eye lid #:-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ embarrassment 106 off to hospital to have them removed did the same thing 12 months later but the old guy that was on the jetty removed them this time for me :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[

16yrs old my father and i where fishing Lion Island in pittwater on to tuna with the old metal slugs tuna top of water near boat slug released itself from tuna and straight into the back of dear old dad head :-[ :-[ :-[ embarrassment 107

i look back now and think of all the embarrassing moments i have had through life and just laugh #:D ;D :D ;D ::)

have had to many embarrassing moments to mention but hay what is life without them

if you don't laugh you will cry and i am already crazy without any other additions just ask the wife after all she has to live with me ::) ;D 8-) and beleive me she is a brave woman 8-) ::) :P ;D

Cheers ;D ;D
Steve 8-) 8-) #

P.S touch wood to date have not forgotten the bungs in any of my boats ::) 8-) :o ;D ;) :)#

21-09-2006, 10:22 PM
steve ,how often did you fish around lion? do you live down that way ?. i used to live at cromer , and grew up in manly , great fishing in those days , used to have to add your own mercury then, they were too clean, or down to coal and candle creek to bag out on hairtail... hubby

21-09-2006, 10:27 PM
Mate your second story is the winner for sure. Still rolling around on the floor laughing.

Mine does not even come close.

Afew years back we towed a 20ft centre console up to Noosa, across the barge and down onto the beach on our way to DI for a couple of days. It was about 7pm at night and we drove over the hump on No2 track and down onto the beach. Or sure i say, straight into the ocean. I read the wrong week for the tides. Instead of being a .4 low it was a 2.6 high. Bogged up to the axles for a good two hours before there was enough hard sand showing to even attempt a snatch. Luckily there was absolutley no swell as it could have been a lot worse.


22-09-2006, 12:31 AM
Hi hubby
3 little willandra rd cromer till i joined the military in 77, 21 coniston st wheeler hts
32 rose ave wheeler hgts 32 emma st #mona vale
use to hang around with Mike Fairbrass, mike west, Neil hoare, the gayfer girls peter and rod Camron the list go on mate
went to Narrabeen boys high left 1972 #mona vale primary left 68 and wheeler hgts primary left 70's
use to fish Mackeral beach Flinten steel Hawsbury Lion island lobster beach opposite Ettalong beach was taught to fish by my grand father at the old Woy Woy swimming pool and uncles use own the fishing fleets in the hawsbury river as well as the old oyster lease at the back of Patonga Chicker and Clarie Wickards they also use to run the ferrys in there old age from Palm Beach wharf to Patonga up to the Hawsbury bridge
also use to catch mullet and eels from the river at the side of cromer golf course and paddle our surf boards to the old caravan park at narrabeen before school in the summer
you now have a little bit of history from me
when i lived at Cromer had a White HG holden Panel van and a Dark Blue metalic Crysler Charger my old man had a HQ Ls Monaroe RED in colour White hard top vinlye roof

need more you have the no give me that call or are you still thinking mate no coalden candle creek really well use to visit the falls and the mud flats on regular bases church point Hairy, Flathead, big bream, Trevally, the odd mackeral the old wharf i was talking about was Bayveiw where the old pool use to be great spot for Blue Swimmers #

Cheers ;D ;D
Steve 8-) 8-)
been up here for 20yrs now
P.S depending on your age mate a bit more of a hint My Mother Thelma father Allan, Little Sister Jenny it is a small world #

22-09-2006, 03:58 AM
Well this thread is a great laugh. ;D ;D ;D Not as a boatie but as a deckie my embarrassing moment was holding the boat at the ramp after having returned from a trip and while standing in the water while brother went to get the trailer. I just couldn't wait to go to the loo and standing in water doesn't help this urge so I glanced around quickly and did what most guys do and breathed a sigh of relief as I was relieving myself in the water. Mid-stream I looked up and there was a cute young mum and son team I somehow overlooked standing looking at me with quite an embarrassed look on their faces. :-[ ;D Oops!
Thanks for the laugh fella's.


22-09-2006, 08:23 AM
Not so long ago,pulled in to Auckland Creek ramp in Gladstone at about midnight and as I jumped out of the boat to go and get the trailer I smart arsed said to the deckie "just hold it out a little as the tides going out and the last time we were here the mud at the end is very sticky and by the way watch out for the crocs"
By the time I had a chat with some bloke up in the carpark about what we had been up to and eventually got the trailer down the ramp here was the boat hard in the mud.
After much language that only husband and wife should share she tells me with tears rolling down her face she is frightened of crocs and was not going anywhere near that dirty water.
I had to go and get some mates out of bed and after about 1 1/2 hours finally got it afloat

The words from my mouth are a constant source of my embarrassment


22-09-2006, 08:45 AM
i went with to the fishing comp at somerset dam once,never again.i had dads 4.2m tinny with brand new 20hp merc,anyway a massive storm came,there was a mad dash by everyone for the boatramp and i never would have made it in time so i pulled the boat up onto a little beach,tied it to a tree,and sat in the caravan waiting for the storm to dissapear(thought the caravan might dissapear too!!).went down to check the boat,the bung had been rubbing on some rocks,fell out and boat was full of water,wrecked my phone,boots and lost some gear too.

next one that comes to mind:we were catching heaps of prawns at the river mouth,the boat i was skippering had a really old steering ram which failed,no worries just bring the boat home,have some sleep and ill fix it for you tomorrow says the owner.great.come down that arvo,checked full lock both ways,felt good.untied boat,pushed off and could not get the boat to do what it was told ,no matter what i did.after much much confusion i settled down and relized that he had connected the hydraulic lines up incorrectly,easy mistake.it was a high high tide and with all my colourfull language,strange manouveres and boat revving i drew quite a crowd!!!not happy jan

22-09-2006, 09:39 AM
Funny thread, Hubby you hear stories of sinkers in fish at weigh ins all the time but without a doubt you are the first person I've heard of 'fessing up to it and mate I'm sitting here trying to imagine the look on your face as the first sinker fell to the floor. Classic ,but not as funny as trying to impress the princess in the bikini. ;D ;D ;D

22-09-2006, 01:10 PM
Many years ago, I rented a tinny at Bribie with the missus. We drank a bit in those days, so when it came time to pee, I stood up on the back of the boat and did the business over the side. I didnt see the wash coming from the big cruiser, but I sure felt the swell, and over I went. Lost a $300 pair of prescription glasses, and came up soaking wet, while the people on the cruiser cheered and jeered. :-[ :-[

Although the rod fell in the drink too, I managed to retrieve it, and while everybody was laughing at me, I held up the rod that was bending :o and wound in a good sized bream. ;D ;D my wife was so embarressed, but I proudly displayed that fish for all to see. What a laugh, she doesnt let me forget it either.

2- saw the Coast Guard on the Comera a few weeks ago, towing a stricken vessel back. I wondered why they were on the wrong side of the red markers at low tide when, bump, both vessels were beached. I was mooored just a hundred yards away, and they were very embarressed. So they should be, youd think theyd know better.


22-09-2006, 02:57 PM
Some guys really know how to embarrase themselves! I think the only thing that comes close to anything you guys have just stated is kicking a step and almost falling over :P .


22-09-2006, 03:21 PM
Funny stories there guys - I have one to tell.

Down to the local river - take boat off trailer - put dog and bait in boat - leave anchor on ramp so boat don't go anywhere - park car and return to boat.

Back at ramp boat gone but anchor was still on ramp.

Look down river and the dog looks back at me. Wind blew boat off ramp - not enough chain left on ramp. Great bloody idiot - strip off to nickers - leave cloths on ramp - swim out to boat and the bloody dog is eating the bait.

Go back to ramp to get cloths and another car pulls up with family and their new quinnie - they move my cloths to the side and unload their boat.

I jump out of my boat and walk dripping wet over to my cloths with several eyes looking at me. "nice day for a swim" I hear. I didn't even have any man hood to brag about as it was winter and about 5dec.

22-09-2006, 05:23 PM
and we have all got a boat. thats scary

22-09-2006, 06:01 PM
Funny stories there guys - I have one to tell.

Down to the local river - take boat off trailer - put dog and bait in boat - leave anchor on ramp so boat don't go anywhere - park car and return to boat.

Back at ramp boat gone but anchor was still on ramp.

Look down river and the dog looks back at me. Wind blew boat off ramp - not enough chain left on ramp. Great bloody idiot - strip off to nickers - leave cloths on ramp - swim out to boat and the bloody dog is eating the bait.

Go back to ramp to get cloths and another car pulls up with family and their new quinnie - they move my cloths to the side and unload their boat.

I jump out of my boat and walk dripping wet over to my cloths with several eyes looking at me. "nice day for a swim" I hear. I didn't even have any man hood to brag about as it was winter and about 5dec.
The stories are just so funny and I have been laughing my head off. Cruize I think you can count your blessings as there is one more thing that may have made your embarrassing moment worse. Imagine if you had of stripped down to the undies and swam to the boat and then discovered the dog feasting on the bait and then at that precise moment realizing the boat keys were in your trouser pockets back on the ramp? ;D ;D


22-09-2006, 08:37 PM
As a junior in the surf club (about 15 years old I guess) we decided to start rowing as a junior boat crew. Newbie inexperienced sweep offers to train and sweep for us.

On only our second or third time out, he decides we are going to crack our first wave. Tells us all about trailing the oars and running up the back of the boat and we had a couple of practice runs at doing this with the boat on dry sand before. So sweep decides we are going to crack a wave off the pass at Byron Bay, and he's telling us we probably won't have to trail the oars or anything, coz we will just be riding gently along on a green swell and he will just eeeeeeease off the wave on the ocean side and all will be well.

So we line up a decent one and go for it. We four rowers are then all facing backwards whatching this thing turn into a 6 or 7 ft monster as we pick up speed and are now flying along at about mach 2.

It then quicky became apparent that eeeeeeeasing off the wave on the ocean side isn't quite as eeeeeeasy as newbie sweep thinks it was going to be, and next thing we are broaching but the nose is pointing to the shallow water side, not eeeeeeasing off the wave to the ocean side.

One thing Newbie Sweep failed to teach us was that you shoud all lean to the wave side of the boat in situations like this to stop the lower gunwhale digging in and flipping the boat. A rather critical omission in our education as it turns out. We were all just sitting there crapping ourselves when it happened and suddenly there is oars flying everywhere and we're all trying not to get killed by the boat or drowned in the wash.

So now boat is upside down, can't touch the sand, oars floating in about a 20m radius, but all heads have popped up grinning so not so bad........ Except there are about 50 people on the shore looking at us, clapping and pissing themselves laughing. Got pounded by a couple more waves that smacked us against the boat and started to slowly sort of drift out to sea.
What now coach?

Swim and collect the oars, roll the boat over and we will take it into shore and empty it. Well we soon worked out we were getting nowhere fast trying to swim and push the boat, in fact we were drifting further out.
What now coach?

We are going to row the boat to the shore!

Its almost completely submerged with just 6inches of bow and 2 inches of stern sticking up coz that's where the only bouyancy foam is.

If it had all ended here, I could have lived with the embarrasment of just flipping the boat, but things just got worse, and worse, and worse, and ... :-[ :-[ :-[

No better plans were offered; apparently just swimming to shore and getting someone to buy us a new boat wasn't an option. ::)

So in we climb and get our oars back in the rowlocks and sit there with water up to our armpits. The gunwhales at each side were 4 inches under water and we looked exactly like the four finalist for Richard Cranium of the Year.

Sweep assumes his heroic standing position in the stern - with water up to his knees. We could only row about two foot with each stroke (the whole of our oars are under water) and then had to feather the blade and push it back through. This was inbetween all the broken waves that came and hit us in the side of the head nearly drowning us every 20 seconds or so. Only managed to move the boat in a 2 foot forward, 1 foot back sort of a motion, spurred by the sounds of more clapping and about 100 people (by now) looking at the funniest thing they have ever seen in their lives.

Well, after about 20 minutes of this, we finally made it red faced to where we could touch. At this point, still 15m off the beach, we all agreed that it would be much easier to just push the boat toward the shore, and swim the 20km or so over to Brunswick Heads rather than face the crowd.

But of course, we had no alternative but to push the boat up the beach amongst the chorttling masses and then attempt to lift what is now a 25ft long wooden swimming pool up by one end and tip the water out. Cameras flashed, witty advice was coming from all quarters but not one of the pricks offered to help. Someone PLEEEEEASE shoot me. [smiley=rifle.gif]

By the time we got back over to the surf club, all the guys there had already heard about it and were offering to get the stair / ladders out of the council swimming pool and install them inside the boat for us. The rest of the town had of course heard by the time they went to bed that night, and we copped it everywhere we went for the next month or so.


22-09-2006, 08:53 PM
Well I have two that stand out.
First was an early morning start about 4:00 on a cold winters morning launching at loders creek southport. Backed the boat down dad held the line and off i pushed. Problem was the bit of old rope looked like the one Noah used to launch the ark. Well the rope broke and the boat kept going out to the middle of the creek. A quick look around seen dad looking at me and said... off ya go. So off with the cloths and into the FREEZING water. Never been so cold in all my life.

Next was as a young bloke fishing with my grandfather at Maroochydore. Was a nice winters day and off we went to pump some yabbies. I jump out and start pumping.. as i was the young fit bloke... Then about 5 or 10 minutes later I turn around and look out and say...Grandad, theres a boat that looks like ours. Looked like ours alright, it WAS ours. Drifting out toward the bar. Didnt you put the anchor out? Funny how its always the other persons fault! Once again as i was the young fit fella i got the job! Atleast this time the sun was out and the water wasnt quite as cold!

There the two that i can remember. But there has been more thats for sure!

22-09-2006, 09:36 PM
Ever been up the top end of Fraser Island - Indian Head?

After a good session of Tailor fishing at Cathedral beach which is about 20mins drive south of Indian head, a few friends we were with decided to drive up to Indian Head once the tide had turned.

When we got there, the tide was well and truely out, and the water was very shallow. All the seasoned "salties" were there in packs, all parked side by side, some sleeping in the back of the ute, some smoking, some knocking down cold beer.......taking in the view and relaxing ......Until we arrived.

With the number of filleted fish frames in the water, you could see sharks cruising the shallows looking for a feed. One of our clan suddenly had a brilliant idea!! :o :o :oHe still had a few pillies left in the esky from the morning fish, and although they had passed their use by date by a mile, accelerated by being in the hot car, " David" decided he was going to lobb a tasty morsel in front of the biggest shark he could spot. ::) Does anyone remember the 3 stooges? David walked down to the water's edge just like Moe would have, rod already poised over his shoulder as he walked. I'm thinking "this better be good, most of the 'ol blokes have stubbed out their smokes by now, and the guys who were snoozing have been rudely awakened by their mates" " Hey, watch this bloke, this'll be good :-/"

1st Cast is a shocker!! The Pillie David put on was that soft, the sinker went one way, the bait in another, which quickly got the attention of some seagulls, which made quick work of the free entree.'

So David turns around and makes his way back to the car - which I am leaning against because we parked next to each other. My goodness, I don't think I wanna be here right now, the old guys were now looking at me!! Their looks said a thousand words.

David threads on another pillie, and toddles back down to give it another shot. This time he released the line a little early, so the bait went straight up, and landed in about 6 inches of water - not quite deep enough to catch the shark. A seagull swoops in for another freebee, and David realises he is about to have his bait stolen by a gull, so he starts winding in the line. But there's a huge belly of slack line between he and the bait, so by the time he has caught up with the bait, the gull is already in full flight, trying to swallow the pilchard whole.

David gives it a yank!! Still got it, the buggar!! Another and another yank, and finally the line comes back. David put his gear away after that, and the old fisho's had a bit of entertainment while waiting for the next tide. Was I embarrassed?? :-[

I had taken a walk about 5 car widths away, which was a safe distance, but my sides were splitting from laughing.


22-09-2006, 10:51 PM
Guys keep em coming, I have just sat here roaring laughing and now confident in the knowledge that I am not the only one who has done something silly out there.

Hubby - Yours and the one about the dog eating the bait in the drifting boat are crackers, but the rest are hilarious as well.

Gorilla - yours is also fantastic.

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

22-09-2006, 11:38 PM
This could not be anywhere as funny as some of the previous stories but here we go.

One cold winters morning a mate and I ventured to Maroon Dam for a fish after leaving the boat ramp we gone about 100 meters he realized he left his tackle box back in the car so we did a u turn and headed back and pulled up at the bank just along from the boat ramp .This is where the fun begins he had the oars on the floor of the boat and the rowlocks were in there holes .Well the mate steps over the side of the boat the rowlock goes up the leg of his strides and there is flapping around like a seagull on the end of ya fishing line .Being a considerate bloke i just stood there and laughed I had tears running down my face .After this performance it left him wet and very cold so then we put the boat back on the trailer and headed home.Some people just dont see the funny side of things.

23-09-2006, 07:05 AM
Hi all
well after placing the other articles on the board was talking to mum about the stupid and embarrassing things that have happened over the years and mum remindered me of a couple more when i was younger we packed up the boat for the family outing
Hubby you will like this one as you know the spot i am talking about
we went over to the Basin in pittwater for the day will always being a good deckie for dad i was up he bow ready to jump off and place anchor in as usual 8-) ::) ;D :P ;)
well i did not take notice of the depth or just to eager to get mum and my sister settled for the time being to go fishing jumped in first mind you guys i was only 10yrs of age and bloody 15ft of clear water could see sand and thought i could touch the bottom mum near had heart attack dear old dad is looking over the side and i am no where to be seen boat went straight over the top of me and thought the motor got me
well just as well i was holding the anchor straight to the bottom seen boat go over me came up the other side needless to say mum rip >:( >:( ::) :-[ :-[ it up me
dear old dad is standing there laughing his head off ;D ;D and little sister is cracking up at me gettting rip ;D ;D in front of who knows how many people seen the whole incident my face was red :-[ :-[ :-[

next one about 15yrs old water skiing in the basin had my girl friend at the time with the family and some of the other girls i knew from the area and school where with there families and friends well came pass close to beach and some guy casting rod from beach needless to say 15yrs old lose swimmers they where still attached to guys rod i'm still on ski's girl friends on beach fingers start pointing
again my old mans laughing his head off and mum sitting there like a stunned mullet did not no whether to laugh or cry girls rolling around sand both from embarrassment and laughing
me will again embarrassed ;D ;D ::) ::)
was the talking point around the area for a few weeks every where i walked the looks will you can image a 15 yr old :-[ :-[ :-[

lifes most embarrassing moments again

Cheers ;D ;D
Steve 8-) 8-)


02-10-2006, 10:32 PM
The wife and I were in the boat sitting just of crocodile rock in the johnstone river, we had been watching a fella in the smallest tinnie i have ever seen going in and out of all the little areas along the bank. he came out of one and we could hear him swearing and cursing, presumably his litte outboard would not start. He had been yanking it for a while and I was about to up anchor and go and help, next thing the motor started with a roar and as he sat down the boat started to move forward. We heard a loud thunk and the motor leaped up and fell off the transom. He had a quick look around grabbed an oar and started to feel around for the motor sitting on the bottom. He found it and with a quick look around for crocs jumped in picked up the motor and was back in the boat in a nano second. Seeing that he had oars and the fact that we were only about a hundred feet from the ramp I let him get back on his own.

02-10-2006, 11:00 PM
Embarrassing moments is more like it when it comes to me. I was glueing some new bibes on a lures with some superglue and went to
scratch my forehead and stuck my finger to my eyebrow.
And that hurt like a bastard.

signed tunaman :)

03-10-2006, 10:09 PM
So Tunaman, how have you coped learning to type with one hand ;D ;D ;D ;D

Mate, that's a classic ;D ;D ;D ;D

04-10-2006, 12:53 AM
At one of the Maroochy River ramps chatting to the female surf boat crew who were also launching, while trying not to make a goose of myself in the presence of so much tanned fit Aussie beauty. Did quite well until mate and I putted off in the tinny, whereupon I made some appreciative comment that would have got me divorced. Not so bad except I made it over the noise of the 2 stroke, and they all heard. :-/

Second one also involved unexpected consequence of noise. Holding another mate's tinny in the pre dawn gloom at Cabbage Tree ramp while he parked the car, became aware of gas pressure building. Thought I'd sneak it out, but instead acheived impressive length, volume and resonance.

Did the only thing possible and pretended it wasn't me. Bit difficult as the only others were a youngish couple in a tinny just about to head off. I can still clearly her saying to her skipper, over the noise of their motor 'He didn't even say 'Excuse me!' " All I can say in my defence is that well, nothing really [smiley=oops.gif]

The third one, which isn't so embarassing was managing to hold onto my pie and glasses while over the side of Cabbage Tree mate's tinny having the cr@p pounded out of me. Didn't lose my glasses or the pie. This happened because I was sitting astride the front thwart of his Savage Gannet centre console enjoying my mystery bag, while he sat in suitable splendour at the helm doing the same. Neither of us noticed the big wash ahead. Somehow my backside and the seat got out of phase, as we went over the waves, hence the over the gun'l bum up pose. As I am not slim (too many pies?) he had to hang out the other side of the boat to avoid capsize, and couldn't reach the throttle to slow down. Well, that was his story.

Finally, for all those who swim after drifting boats, take care. A bloke was reported to have died doing that in Pumicestone Passage a few years ago, with his kids in the boat.

Rick K

04-10-2006, 10:50 PM
Hay Hornblower. I was walking up and down in the garage wondering what to do with my self and then the misus was coming , and just befour
she came in, I Quickly sat down and pretended to be reading something
with my hand, which looked like I was in deep thought, resting on my head, but she didnt know that my finger was firmly stuck to my eyebrow.
And when she left, I just ripped it off, and she didnt notice that haft
the hair was missing.
So I just went around with my hat on for a few weeks.
And women pluck their eyebrows, bugger that!

signed tunaman :)

05-10-2006, 05:30 AM
lmao tunaman.
remember years ago when when working as a mechanic we used to use the loctite for of superglue for making unuasal o'rings. A full bottle was left on the bench and was squashed by a large haulpak transmission (50 tonne truck), the transmission was moved so it could be cleaned up. In the meantime a crew (including me) was called away to the field for an urgent job. This left a boilermaker and a ta in the workshop, we called the boilermaker out to help and he left his Ta behind to clean workshop.
While gone this ta decides to lean on the bench and stuck his hand in the superglue. When we all returned a couple of hours later, the ta is firmly stuck to the bench by his hand abusing every body within about 20 mile. He was stuck for about 6hrs in total as the medical responce team was 1.5hrs away, they come down and attempted to remove him but he was stuck fast so then another team had to be dispatched from Burnie which was about another 2 hrs away. when they got there he was off the hook real quick. The funny part about it was that the solvent they used to remove him was already on site but because of protocol it had to be done the right way. My only part in this was that I was on the same shift

05-10-2006, 11:57 AM
Yeah Blaze LOL, that superglue can be a bastard. One slip of the mind,
and your up sh$t creek. ;D ;D ;D

signed tunaman

05-10-2006, 12:03 PM
Yeah Blaze LOL, that superglue can be a bastard. One slip of the mind,
and your up sh$t creek. ;D ;D ;D

signed tunaman

Mate I so much know what you are saying. My wife tried to take the top off the super glue but it was stuck so in her wisdom she put the top between the teeth and pulled. She glue her lips together - didn't she. It was geat - peace and quiet for half a day. I'm still laughin 3 years later.

05-10-2006, 12:22 PM
LMAO cruize. You know some people would consider that a blessing ;D ;D

OH SH$T! Yes dear Iam coming.

Tunamans in trouble again, this time by the boss lady. I just copped a
slap in the head. ;D

signed tunaman :)

05-10-2006, 08:53 PM
Not really the most embarrasing, as no one was around to see it, but definately the stupidest thing that i've done on a boat.

Was sitting in little freshwater river up north where we were camping at the time. Enjoying the sites, catching a couple of fish. Been in the kayak for a while, when nature calls. The banks of the river were all pretty steep, decided that i didn't want to paddle over to where there was a bit of a lower bank, thought yeah, i'm not too bad in this thing, surely standing up and having a leak won't be too difficult.

Anyho, was quit difficult. Ended up losing balance A over T outa the kayak, couplea tackle boxes in the water, couple rods. As far as i know, managed to salvage most of the gear. Went to crawl over the side of the kayak (sit in double canoe/kayak), WOOPS! rolled it the other way. BUGGER! salvage the gear again, gather thoughts about how to get back in. Finally managed, moved on tot he next snag as was pretty sure my ugly mug splashin round would have scared off any sooties left around the area.

Don't think will be trying that one again soon.

06-10-2006, 04:02 AM
A while back my mate and I were cruising back up to the ramp at Jacobs well and my mate starts talking to me about sand bars that around and how many people have hit them so I started bragging how I have never hit one . Then BANG wedged ourselves up on a bloody sand bar. To make matters worse two mates from our footy team who were taking two chicks for a cruise just happend to come pass :-/ :-/