View Full Version : STOLEN RODS AND REELS- NEW FARM 31/1

06-02-2005, 06:50 AM
Stolen on Monday night 31st January from the New Farm area
2 x 10'6" rods - one Snyder Glas brown in colour and One a two piece Live Fibre black with red thread wraps.
2 x 7' Angler Rods - one Assasin spin rod black with gold/silver threads thru it , one Snapper 6500 rod green in colour with black thread thru it.
1 X 6'6" Daiwa spin rod and Daiwa 2000c Spin Reel with fluro green braid on it.
1 X 6' 6" Baitcaster rod(not sure of brand?) and ABU 6500c Baitcaster reel on it with green fluro braid and had a pink micro mullet attached.
1 cheap Jarvis Walker 8ft whiting rod with fluro green tip.
Top half only of 2 piece Wilson 13ft6 surf rod - idiots!
Reels Stolen - Shimano Baitrunner 6500 with 8kg blue line.
Shimano TSS4 with 7kg blue line.
Alvey 600a Reel green in colour.
Alvey 60a Reel green in colour.
Diawa 3000z Spinning reel with 4kg Brown line.
The above were all stolen from my garage on Monday night after 11pm but nothing else was touched, if anyone hears of any of the above being sold around the traps if you could contact me would be appreciated. Cops have put report on Cash converters records and I have been checking papers etc. over last week.Was over $2000 worth of gear so any help of getting any back would be appreciated.Luckily they left all my tackle boxes and good knives which would have been another $500 to replace.
please PM me for contact details if anything seen ,
regards Redman

10-02-2005, 08:33 AM
That's a really tough break big fella. I'm keeping my eye out for you too, and I hope those pricks get caught who did this to you.