View Full Version : stolen brooker v12

24-09-2005, 10:53 PM
hi folks,
a few years ago, circa mid 1997, some degenerate stole my old 12 foot brooker. it has had major welding done to the floor between the rear and middle seats ( it got t-boned by a car when it was on the trailer) and has had an extra set of ribs made out of round tube welded into the front just below the storage tray. it was painted light blue on the outside and powder blue on the inside with yellow non slip paint on the floor between the seats. it was a brooker v12. serial number B7251(stamped into the gunwhale right at the very front on the starbord side from memory). i have my suspicions that it may have been stolen and sold by one of my "mates" who was short of a dollar at the time (long story). i'm keen to get the old girl back but more than that, i'd like to lay my suspicions to rest and maybe "counsel" the culprit. i know the chances of it turning up are slim because she would be getting long in the tooth now, but if anyone sees an old brooker with the repairs and ribs as described i'll be very grateful if you could let me know.
thanks for your time and co-operation,