View Full Version : STOLEN - Shimano 6500btr and backbone rod

13-05-2006, 03:45 PM
As stated this Shimano 6500btr was knocked off. It's matched to a Backbone rod, of about 6'6 and 8-10kg by memory. Spooled with 30lb braid (grey in colour). This was a rig of my rellies and stolen from his grandads place at pt. Halloran in brisbane. That's next to victoria point. It was taken from his garage which is situated at the back of the house by the boat. This was his only really good combo and was purchased only at last years boat show. They had some tradesmen in fixing a water tank or somehting with some of the workers asking his grandad if he had any old gear for sale. His grandad has spoken to the owner of the business involved and apparently nothing has come of it. If ANYONE sees this combo around the place, especially at cashies or the like it'd be great to hear from you. You can contact me on 0421802691.