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11-09-2002, 05:50 PM
seems to be stocking going on everywhere . any in nsw .freshwater
info in this state is slack ,buy all the mags and see all the great fishing spots stocked fall 400cm here 600cm there is there anything within 2hours
of sydney or do i have to go to QLD OR VIC to go freshwater fishing

21-09-2002, 10:40 AM

What type of fish are you trying to find. NSW stocks plenty of dams. But very few in the Sydney metro & surrounds, which annoys me as we pay our license fees like everyone else. There are more anglers in Sydney than any other area of the state but the bulk of the money is spent on Pro angler buy backs on the nth & sth Coasts and stockings in to regional & rural dams. There is very little money spent on Sydney siders who make up a good percentage of the license funds contributed.

Anyway I digress, what are you wanting to catch?
Bass, closest dam to Sydney is Tallowa dam south coast or Lake St Clair near Singleton.
YB, closest dam to Sydney is Windamere near Mudgee.
Cod, Wyangala dam, central west.
Trout, Lake Lyell- lithgow, but 2,000 were stocked in to Wentworthfalls lake this year. Some were also released last year.
Silver Perch- Windamere.

These are the closest dams to Sydney & all are atleast 2 hours plus from the CBD with most over 3-4 hours away.

If you are chasing bass try the rivers around Sydney & Central coast. These are Nepean, Georges & Parramatta rivers & tributaries (in order of preference).

Some small local dams with fish stocked are Parramatta Lake, Manly Dam, these both have some bass, but have not been stocked recently as far as I can find out.

Check this link out for details of the last 3 years stockings in NSW. just select the interested stockings under Stocking Fish. http://www.fisheries.nsw.gov.au/recreational/freshwater/home_freshwater.htm#stocking

Hope this helps