View Full Version : Somerset Bass & Saratoga

18-11-2002, 04:41 PM
SWFSA released 30 000 bass fingerlings into Lake Somerset today. All were big, heathly & in great condition.
First bass release for Somerset & Lake Wivenhoe this season.
Next consignment of 8000 is due next Friday. In the order of 250 000 fish will be liberated by SWFSA this season.

2 weeks ago SWFSA released a load of adult Saratoga into Somerset as well. It is hopes these fish will bolster already established saratoga population there & build up numbers quicker. SWFSA ask that any saratoga caught at Somerset, Wivenhoe or Atkinsons are released so that numbers can build-up over the next several seasons.

More updates as the fish arrive.