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17-12-2003, 04:29 PM
Primary Industries & Rural Communities, Henry Palaszczuk


Funds for Far North Qld fish stocking groups

The Queensland Government has announced $7000 in funding for two fish stocking groups in the State's far north.

Primary Industries and Rural Communities Minister Henry Palaszczuk, who is visiting far north Queensland today, said the funding is under the latest annual allocation under the DPI's Recreational Freshwater Fishing Enhancement program.

"I would like to acknowledge the work of the stocking groups. Freshwater fishing is not only an important leisure activity, but it increasingly it is drawing visitors to our regions," Mr Palaszczuk said.

"The on-going drought and the reduced water levels in many dams across the State have affected stocking efforts not to mention fishing in a number of impoundments."

"In recognition that the drought may prevent fish stocking, the groups are permitted to carry forward the funds for the 12 months."

"Hopefully, we will see an end to the drought soon and that rain will replenish water levels in impoundments."

Mr Palaszczuk said $170,000 was being provided for stocking groups to purchase fingerlings or for hatcheries.

The funding allocated for far north Queensland include:
* $5000 Lake Koombooloomba (Ravenshoe and Koombooloomba Fish Restocking Committee Inc.); and
* $2000 Tinaroo Falls Dam (Tableland Fish Stocking Society Inc).

Tinaroo Falls Dam is among 29 impoundments around Queensland to participate in the stocked impoundment permit scheme.

Media contact: Kirby Anderson 3239 3004 or 0418 197 350

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17-12-2003, 04:37 PM
That's certianly good news, however I'm curious as to why an impoundment which is on the SIP scheme also gets funds from the Recreational Fishing Enhancement Scheme?
I'm sure some stocking groups who don't have access to SIP funds would love a few grand for fingerlings.

Would anyone from Henry's portfolio care to explain?

Perhaps they intend to use the funds "outside" of Tinaroo. ? But it specifically says "Tinaroo Falls Dam". :-/ ???


17-12-2003, 04:49 PM
good point Fitzy,
will be watching this space with intrest awaiting a responce, i though tinaroo was almost a mud puddle anyway...

18-12-2003, 05:41 AM
This could open up a very big can of worms but here goes.

From the point of view of the Mackay Area Fish Stocking Association.

We receive SIP Funds which as every one knows is paid for by the anglers fishing the SIP dams. An angler fishing a non SIP Dam or river does not pay. Now think about it from the point of view of the angler who pays a boat rego which includes a component for the Recreation Fishing Enhancement Program and then purchases an SIP to fish an SIP Dam. He has paid two lots of funds but if only one lot of funds is returned to his fishery (eg the SIP) he is in fact missing out on the second lot of funds he has paid. He may feel cheated. (sorry for the male focus - can insert she instead of he)

I understand the perception that SIP dams get a lot of money and other don't however the only reason is that anglers pay for those funds in the first place.

I can't speak for other stocking groups but MAFSA does receive some Rec Fish Enhancement funds (not a lot mind you) and these funds are used to assist in the costs of running our hatchery. We have permits to stock 3 SIP dams (Eungella, Teemburra and Kinchant), a non SIP dam (Middle Creek Dam - when we get some water back in it) and 4 weirs on Plane Creek.

A good discussion topic Fitzy.


18-12-2003, 06:26 PM
Hi Darren,
I wouldn't of thought alot about it except for the specific mention of Tinaroo.
The main group I'm with is the Somerset/Wivenhoe/Atkinsons group. Sset & Big W are on the SIP, Atkinsons isnt. There are also some small water that the groups stocks, ie local council dams & a few creeks. We have just about finished our hatchery & hope to be producing fish soon.
I was under the perception, I know know from my time on the FFSAQ committee that the RFEP funds were to go to "non SIP" locations once the SIP started paying. AS you would know, QFS give funds to support a community hatchery, normally $2000/annum & also give funds for fingerling purchase but to be spent specifically at a designated, authorised, permitted location. These funds aren't given out willy nilly to be spend as liked. They dont give a group a grant & say "do what you like with it".
Locally, I know that QFS hasn't supported our hatchery as yet because you have to already be producing fish before they'll help you out. WE have had a couple of grants from the RFEP for Atkinsons with some of it spent on saratoga & some funds held over awaiting some rain. :'(
I can hear some of the struggling stocking groups screaming about location getting RFEP funds on top of SIP funds. There's only $170k to go around between 40 something non-SIP groups & half a million between the 30 or so SIP lakes.
I'm also interested that if this case is indeed correct, there could be a flood of applications from SIP participating groups wanting their "fair slice" of the RFEP cake.