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23-01-2004, 03:41 AM

"This document has been posted for information and to encourage discussion among yourselves. For more information from NSW Fisheries on the issue, please visit our web site on www.fisheries.nsw.gov.au"

31-01-2004, 10:15 AM
More fish stocks for New England
January 21, 2004

Anglers in the New England region are set to benefit from the NSW Government’s latest release of more than 105,000 silver perch fingerlings into waterways in the New England tablelands, the Director-General of NSW Fisheries, Steve Dunn, said today.

Mr Dunn said the release of the silver perch fingerlings is part of NSW Fisheries’ continuing commitment to stocking freshwater areas with trout, salmon and native species.

The fish were bred at the NSW Fisheries Grafton Aquaculture Centre and were released as follows:

40,000 into Pindari dam, near Ashford
38,200 into Copeton Dam, near Inverell
29,000 into Split Rock Dam, near Manilla.

“This is great news for anglers who can look forward to catching these fish in a couple of years. And it’s just one of the ways freshwater anglers are benefiting from their licence fees,” he said.

The NSW Government provided more than $1 million for its stocking program this year to ensure anglers continue to enjoy freshwater fishing, with a further $500,000 provided from the recreational fishing licence.

During the 2002/03 stocking season, a record 7.9 million fish were stocked in freshwater areas across the State under the Government’s stocking program.

“This release is also good news for country NSW where freshwater angling creates jobs and supports local businesses and tourism,” Mr Dunn said.

my question is why siver perch woudn't the $$$ be better spent on cod or yellow belly or another type of fish that is more active in the sports fishing schem??? as it is your only alowwed 2 silvers ???

05-03-2004, 10:53 AM
in my oppinoin they should be stocking at least 1 million silvers more a year in the new england areas rivers, not just into the dams how about putting them into rivers as well. they are protected but it looks to me to be that NSW fisheries is not doing anything in regards to restoring their population, this is so the population of silver perch can have a reasonable chance of recovering to be somewhere near the population that it has been in the past...it also seems to be that NSW fisheries isnt doing anything about increasing the populations in the rivers because as this example proves they only stock them into the dams!!!
i put it to NSW fisheries to do something about increasing the population of silver perch in the rivers NOW as there has just been a significant flood event which would simulate the natural spawning occurence of this species.
One thing that really has me puzzled is that there has been a great deal more research done on breeding these fish than most of the other natives because silver perch is the main focus on the native fish aquaculture industry in NSW and why NSW fisheries has as yet done very little about changing their status as a threatened and protected species has completely got me baffled!!! they are one of the easiest fish in the water to breed and the research done by aquaculturalists has basically perfected the techniques of raising the young, so i really cannot see why their population has been allowed to drop so significantly! the only reasoning i can see is that they cant be bothered and they want to wipe them out!!! because that is what in my opinion they are doing, they are neglecting the silver perch and are allowing them to dwindle in numbers so significanly that they banned people taking them out of rivers yet they do very little in the matter of restocking them in rivers... >:( >:(

25-03-2004, 03:15 PM
they don't stock them in the rivers because all the fisheries are concerned about putting in the rivers are those basted intrdouce trout! sure they are hardie and a good sport fish but still are a introduced fish to australia
i agee with you phil i think more fish stocking should be done in the rivers and not just the dams