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31-08-2006, 08:10 PM
What is FFSAQ doing about the fish kill at Wuruma?

01-09-2006, 01:02 PM
Hi Everyone,
Well it took a big effort but the results in the end were rewarding as from today Cania is sitting at 5,000 Megalitres. The tap was turned off early this morning.Now we need to keep in mind that this event happened ,that is the tap being turned off. How many times have you been told that the release must go ahead and word "sorry" has been used. As I see it, we not only have to lobby government, but get the local water advisement committee to under stand why water is need to protect fish stocks in dams and get their support.Keep in mind that Cania ""CAN"" be drained to the tap if they wish. So a level is still a needed for Cania for future releases. Evaporation is needed to be coincided when talking low levels as it is so high. Wuruma dam is currently at 2,430 Megalitres for a dam that holds 167,400
Megalitres twice that of Cania holding capacity.
So would you not think this is far to low of a level for such a huge holding capacity dam.After doing the research on Cania dam we would like to see a level of 6,000 megalitres on Cania and a level 10,000 Megalires on Wuruma.taking into the account that evaporation will effect these big time this summer.Wuruma has a bad track record with fish kills there was one some time back and I seen it. It was the worst thing you wanted to see EVER. The turtles were trying to leave the water and were crawling out heading for who knows where. The pools in the dam were stinking from dead fish and locals tried to rescue them and were translocating them to weirs some distance away. This could very well happen again remembering evaporation is yet to come to Wuruma for the summer. With the talk that we are to get Hotter summers in the future it is needed to keep this in mind when talking a level for all dams. Has anyone ever seen a lung fish in Wuruma ????? I have and I wonder if I
ever will see another.
Did you know Cania has lung fish???Well it has Platypus as well. Below is a link to Sun Water storage web site.All dams are also on the

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We need to keep in mind the event of the tap turn off at Cania, and use this as a tool in the future. I will say we don't need to yell at Sun Water, but we do need to start
screaming about low levels.