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09-09-2001, 04:12 PM
Having recently moved to SEQ, one of the activities high on the agenda will be to try out some of the surrounding impoundments. This will involve, among other things, some trolling.
I currently have a Horizon 3.66 V-Nose which is pushed along more than capably by a 18hp Tohatsu. Love the Tohatsu, goes like the clappers (26 knots on the hand-held), but, alas, it trolls like a Sherman tank with square wheels.
Thinking of getting a 6hp motor for those trips when trolling is likely to be a prime activity, and also to meet the HP limitations on Lenthalls, the nearest impoundment.
My last tinny motor was an 8hp Yammie, and it ran sweet as a nut at trolling speed, but it was twin can - it's a long time since I've run a single pot.
So, was wondering if any one of the sixes currently available perform better than the others in anybodys experience - or, even more importantly, whether any of the currently available sixes should be avoided like the plague.
All input appreciated.

Jim Linden

10-09-2001, 03:03 AM
G,day Jim,
Mate Hi to Cindy and all the family, hope the move north was hassle free. Before upgrading to me 15hp I had a 6hp Merc for about 3 years, never missed a beat and would troll all day without a hitch. Just over 30 kilos from memory and would still get up on the plane. I'd imagine the yammies would be worth a look but don't know if they have throttle control/gear changing, which is ideal in trolling situations.
All the best mate,

10-09-2001, 04:54 PM
Why not try the 4 stroke 6 hp Tohatsu ? Just as bulletproof as your 18,but sweet as a nut,doesnt use fuel,Quiet,they are good things. We have sold about 20 of them this year,with no problems at all. Price,as with all Tohatsu motors,is more than competitive

11-09-2001, 04:17 PM
Thanks Paul, and G'day Muzza,

Well fellas, my nice new trolling motor just magically turned into a fibreglass rainwater tank to store water for the vegie garden.

Just what you need - a nice new rainwater tank in the middle of a bloody drought >:( And women reckon us blokes buy useless things.

Compromise deal - I'm getting an extra deep cycle battery to throw in the tinny with the Minn Kota, and a pair of oars ;D Trolling problem solved (according to femal logic). Also gonna do a bit of carby tweaking on the Tohatsu when it's in the water. I used to troll effortlessly with a 40hp Merc blue band (the only Merc I ever had that was worth a pinch), so surely a Tohatsu 18 can be taught how to do it.

Comments noted on the Tohatsu, Paul. Very happy with mine - it was a leap into the unknown for me to buy the thing after owning Johnos, Yammies, and Mercs, but when I saw all the contenders lined up at the Newcastle Boat Show a couple of years back, the Tootsie came up trumps in the "I'm unbreakable" department. Wanted something that would do the hard yards around Qld's mangrove creeks, etc. and that could be repaired in situ with a 6lb sledgehammer and a 10" shifter. Nothing subtle or sophisticated about them, but definitely built in the brick outhouse genre.

Muzza, great to hear from you - I'll drop you an e-mail soon and catch up with all the news. I see on another board that you've been giving Glenbawn a nudge - haven't looked back since you tasted fresh water, have you?

Cheers to Sandy, and thanks again for the replies.

Jim Linden

16-09-2001, 02:48 PM

We run a 97' 15 Merc on a 3.9 metre Quintrex. In addition to our larger boat the tinnie is used for probably the same application's as yours. On top of that my Dad has a 8HP Yammy (same as 6HP) on one of the new square transom Porta Botes.

They both troll very well, the Merc is more user friendly with the gear shift on the handle, but in the 6 HP range the Yammy is lighter and quieter.

Just to confuse you I don't normally use the Merc for trolling
anymore (except heavy winds against the tide) since I bought the Minnkota Riptide 42. My wife loves it because there is no noise, no smoke, and you can use it on electric only dams.


21-09-2001, 03:03 AM
G'day Davo,

I've got the RT50 which, with the maximiser, hopefully will give me reasonable trolling time out of the deep cycle battery. Haven't used it for trolling yet - bought it after our trip up to Qld last year, where it became obvious that the nature of inshore fishing in Qld pretty much demands one.

Since then I've only used it for sneaking up on big duskies in shallow water in Wallis Lake at Forster, where we lived prior to the move up north. At that, it was very successful.

Jim Linden