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30-08-2001, 06:15 PM
For anyone who is in need,we have cleaned out the shed,due to moving into a new shop.There are literally hundreds of wrecked engines that we dont want to carry,so if you need some bits,give me a yell,and we will help if we can.There are heaps of OMC,Yamaha,Merc bits there.Not too many wrecked Tohatsus though :D

31-08-2001, 04:27 PM

I have an OMC forwardy,backwardy, faster, slower, tilt-up,tilt-down thingy on my centre console that gives life and purpose to my 50HP Evinrude. It's about an '89 model and the thingy is falling apart.

1. Do you have one that is suitable?
2. How much do you want for it?
3. What area are you in. (I'm in Logan)

I am in transport and can get anything picked up from almost anywhere.

Thanks for the generous post.

Amberjack ???

05-09-2001, 05:39 PM
??? Hi, Paul. I have inherited a short shaft Tohatsu 25hp, 1980 odd and I would like to know if it's possible to change to long shaft. If so and parts are around, please let me know. I'm in the tree business, so probably no help in horse trading. If available , please let me know a cost.
Regards, Mossy

13-09-2001, 05:39 AM
:oGot anything there for a 1980 Mariner 60 hp ,the original Japanese model,made by Yamaha? Give me a list or I would be interested in taking a complete motor or there abouts,also the tilt mechanism.
Regards David

13-09-2001, 01:49 PM
Mossy,no problems,Ive got a couple,Ill send you a message
Dnej, What parts do you need for the Mariner,I dont have a complete one,but some bits are there.Do you want power trim parts,or manual?
Regards, Paul

14-09-2001, 07:13 AM
Power trim,external type.Mine are fine at present ,but want some backup. What else do you have ?If you let me know,I can then decide what to take.Only want to hold as spares,just in case.Thanks,Regards David

14-09-2001, 04:33 PM
There are several trim set ups there,no problem.Most ignition bits are there,as are cranks ,rods,etc.No gearboxes,this was a bit of a problem with them

21-09-2001, 08:37 AM
Paul how do I find you ?
David ::)

29-09-2001, 02:23 AM
We are in Sarina,Mid North Qld,but freight isnt a problem,especially south as backloads are pretty cheap

06-10-2001, 05:13 PM
Hi Paul I have a 1990 Mariner 75 and I need a trim gauge and its sender off the motor any help appreciated.
Kaj Coulter

15-10-2001, 02:14 PM
Nothing difficult would you happen to have a secondhand prop
(in good nick) for a johnson 15hp '87 model

15-10-2001, 02:35 PM
Sorry,Bluebell,That has been ratted long ago,so I cant help you there.... John,No problems,ive got stacks of them,do you want alloy or stainless?

16-10-2001, 02:50 AM
I would prefer stainless, but there might be a problem with the wallet, so can you let me know how much on each thanks

18-10-2001, 04:39 PM
John,$50 for aluminium,$130 for stainless ,in as new condition
P.s We now have a new range of new stainless props at the right price,

19-10-2001, 03:25 PM
Thanks any way Paul
Kaj Coulter

19-10-2001, 09:10 PM
Paul. I have a early 55tohatsu my magnets broke in power tilt so i gluded them back together works fine replacements available or do i replace with new unit if so how much to briz. Benny

23-10-2001, 12:52 PM
Lucky it still works,the magnets are no longer available,and I dont have any old ones,Best of luck with it

23-10-2001, 02:57 PM
hi paul
# #would you have the trim sender unit ( the part on the motor ) for a 1996 omc 40 hp & how much ? also a prop in aluimiun or stainless ?

24-10-2001, 02:02 PM
Not the trim sender,mate,they are a dear item,too,about $160 new,from memory.Heaps of props,though,what pitch do you need?