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29-11-2001, 03:11 PM
Hi all,

I new to this particular site, but I'm a regular reader of Bush & Beach and I record and listen to your radio program. I think its great.

I am about to sell my boat simply because I'm not getting the use out of it. I think working Mon - Fri and then getting blown out on weekends has finally had its toll on me. The answer - I'm going back to my first love, beach fishing.

Would it be possible to have a small survey of just how often people actually use their boats, I'm averaging once every 5 weeks - weather being the main problem. I live in Wynnum and try and fish the top end of the bay because I can park the car in a secure carpark.

I'd be interested in the comments of others.

Thanks in advance

29-11-2001, 04:38 PM
hi dave
i tried to get out every 2nd weekend but the work got in the way now like you i'm thinking the same thing in 12 months just gone maybe once every 6 to 7 weeks maybe longer . secure parking is no.1 with me too . hope to get more use out of the boat soon

29-11-2001, 04:38 PM
Hi Dave,
Sorry to hear you have departed the boating scene. :'( I do know what you mean about the windy weekends, but I still manage to get out every couple of weeks. I'm in Victoria.
p.s. Must admitt that there are some longer breaks every now and then, but I usually make up for it later.

30-11-2001, 07:06 PM
On average 2 times a week. 8) 8) 8)

01-12-2001, 12:52 PM
:o Hi dave , i try get out at least once a fortnight but sometimes cant get out once a month due to weather and familly commitments :).
Do think you will miss your boating once you sell it, some have allready been down that track for simmillar reasons to yours , still guess you can always get another ???.

01-12-2001, 03:32 PM
I try for once a forthnight but ussually end up once a month in the "big" boat.

However, my canoe gets regular uses sometimes several times a week.


02-12-2001, 05:49 PM
Onya Heath !!!!!!! twice a week. :-[ Well Dave, I try to get out every week end , but as usuall the weather has it's say. But I have found that during the week is great, The weather is good and the boat traffic is down. Living at Wynnum I would be out a lot often. I really think you should look at mid week trips. To Green, St Helena, and possibly Mud. Furthur, down around Peel offers great protection from all winds as most sides of Peel can be fished succesfully. Don't know what time you finish work, but I usually get the tinnie wet around 6pm and get home by 10. More than enough time to get a feed. And then on the weekends if it's fine, get the family involved or travel to more open waters. Don't give up just yet ::) Let's not forget the estaury system we have around the south east. Nerang river, up to Mooloolaba and north. Very protected and offer good fishing at times. Even Pummistone Passage is starting to fire again.

04-12-2001, 10:24 AM

Usually tried to get out once a fortnight in the centre console. Have just bought an old bay cruiser and took the missus out for the weekend. She loved it (Despite all the wankers you that come across you when you can only get 6-7 knots out of a two pot diesel) and wants to get out most weekends. WOO HOO.

AJ ;D ;D ;D :D 8) 8)

04-12-2001, 12:58 PM
At least once a week, sometimes more if the fish are on - mind you I live close to the boat ramp and have an understanding girlfriend! ;)

10-12-2001, 01:55 PM
Hi Dave,
I've put a poll up to help answer your question on boat usage.
Great idea. Hope it is of some use to you all.



14-12-2001, 09:45 PM
Dave I am a bit like you I do not use my boat nearly enough these days to get my money’s worth out of them. As you say every time you go to go out it is either blowing a gale or you have family commitments. I would like a dollar for each boat I have sold over the last 25 to 30 years but the biggest problem is just after you sell your boat your back in the yards looking at others. It is a vicious circle and it is a pity a bloke could not get as interested in mowing the lawn as he does in his boats. #Cheers Mossy43.

31-01-2002, 04:06 PM
Hey dave_G
So you are selling the boat eh what type of boat is it and how much do you intend to sell it for? I'm a 15 year old boy from England moved over from Malaysia. A complete fishing fanatic! I was thinking of buying a boat to go along rivers (brisbane river most likely) and maybe i'll go through the river to the sea.
cheers Jack