View Full Version : 4.35 Hornet Trophy vs Top Ender or others

31-01-2002, 07:56 AM
I am looking to buy a boat for use in the East kimberley and have been checking out both the 4.35 Hornet Trophy and Top Ender with 40hp Yamaha 4 stroke. While a lot of its use will be in rivers and creeks, I want to venture out where a bit of chop is likely to be encountered. I will move back to the southeast eventually and am also considering the different conditions there.

I am keen on the stability of the Hornet but uncertain about its rougher water capability, and vice versa for the Top Ender. Anyone out there with experience that can comment on the stability of the Top Ender, and or the rough water capanility of the Hornet? Or other suggestions?

31-01-2002, 09:43 AM
Not sure how the Hornets are outside, but here is a comarison story.
I was caught in a good storm on Wyangla Dam with wind waves close to 1 metre, 2 blokes in my 390 Hornet and the 2 mates with us were in an Explorer. After 8 kms back to the ramp we jumped out ,glad to be on dry land, and the when the others arrived in the Explorer they were flat out walking and went home , still sore early the next day (cutting 2 days off our trip). It is the only time that I have used my life jacket and put on the emergency kill strap to the motor on my wrist.

I quite often fish in Botany Bay and find the ride of the Hornets exceptional in choppy water

31-01-2002, 02:42 PM
I am an owner and a lover of the hornet boats it is one of the most stable boats that I have ever been in. I was not going to get a hornet but a stessel until a mate got me to got for a test ride we found .5 to 1m chop I went into it with it turned around went back to the ramp and knew this was the boat for me. I have been in 2m swell not fun but felt safe at all times of course went slow and took care but was no problems at all. The area around mackay gets alot of short sharp chop and it is a very nice ride as the air and water is traped under the hull. I am not saying it is the best boat but I believe it was the best boat for me. I was told today that the new F & B mag has done a report on the hornets havn't read it yet but have a look at that.
have fun

01-02-2002, 05:45 PM
I'm a big fan of Hornets, but if you are likely to use the boat off shore, I'd recommend the Top Ender. The Millenium hulls are more stable that the older models, and this stability should be ample. The Top Ender will have a little more windage than the Hornet, but will be much safer if the weather turns ugly.