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09-02-2002, 06:56 PM
sorry all for the tacky rip off ;D ;Dseemed apropriate at the time ;)

need some advice on out boards,i'm currently in the middle of the agonising decision to repower my rig.have been putting up we my slug 30omc for too long,looking to go to 40/50hp for alittle speed whilst traveling. 8) ;D ;D
the contenders are:
yammaha 40/50 cannot find any good used motors yet :'(
mercury 40 lite i am told it is a toyhatsu 3clypainted black,sales bloke raved about how great they are with mercs
2,3,4year warranty at $3800new is mighty temptingand weighs 76kg
toyhatsu have not spoken to any dealers about there range yet,tommorrows mission.
only looking at two strokes as i cannot justify the expence of afour stroke ..

anyone with some input for me to mull over would be greatly appreciated ,OH my boat 4.15 stessl edge dingyfull floors bow mount couple of 130 a/hr batteries,etc etc, and two shal we say, well fed red wine drinking lure come fly fishos

thanks in advance jonesy

12-02-2002, 04:58 AM

I had a 3cyl Merc 40hp on the back of 4.35 Hornet. It was quite a large motor - looked out of proportion to the boat so it is probably not the lite model you mention. I had 3 years excellent service from it. I was never a big Mercury fan but this motor impressed me. With just me in the boat (I love my food and didn't get fat by accident) ;D ;D it was fast - by the GPS it was 56kmph.

We had 3 in the boat on the last trip north - about 340kg for 3 of us + gear esky etc. and it was flat whack at 40kmph.


12-02-2002, 02:48 PM
Thanks for the reply jack.

nice pic of the Hornet ,was done springwood marine on the weekend drooling in acouple 435 trophy's asked the bloke i think his name was craig cornfed or something about a 4.55 just as a bare boat 8)so i could add my own decks etc ,reconds that quintrex donot /will not supply a bare boat in that size :'( >:( ,a major bummer if you ask me ,says they will do a 435 in a bare boat ,how many do i want.

did take a look at the 3 cly yank motor from mercury range is fairly hefty at 90 odd kg in tiller steer form ,they also use that 40hp block in 50&60 hp motors 986cc or some thing,might be worth a look to see how you could increase your horse power ,restricter plate ,carbs ,,jets , your boat would go like a rocket with 60hp :o 8) ;D

12-02-2002, 03:56 PM
just a quick note tohatsu make a two cylinder 40hp less weight less dollars I think around $3200. an on a 435 hornet it does 56kph with 120L esky full and two large blokes

13-02-2002, 04:45 AM

The 435 is now a memory. I upgraded to a 455 Hornet in December and I'm stoked with it. The Yammie 4 stroke 50hp is giving me about 4.5lt / hour consumption - with a 60lt tank under the floor that's plenty of running time.


13-02-2002, 03:55 PM
jack that 4.55 is a sweet looking rig heaps of storage and enough room on the fore deck for even me to fly cast from without tossing loose fly line about the place,& strangleing my regular decky with it. ;D ;)

did you get another trophy or the flash 8) wildfisher with side console. got any pics ;DIf ihad enough pacfic pasoes
i would up grade my rig without a second thought ,may upset the missus thou currently building a house ,the more i think about this the better it sounds ,should instruct my builder to knock me up a dog house i may need it. ;D ;D

out of interest how much fuel did your 40 hp consume compaired to the 50 four stroke on a simular run.


14-02-2002, 04:13 AM
Was seriuosly looking at the Wildfish but ended up going the std 455 and yeah heaps of storage.

The Merc used around the 10 -11 litres / hour, but that was at full throttle with 3 of us and all our gear. We were running around 70km a day up and back to fishing possies. It was a pain to have to carry extra fuel every day - better than running out and spending a night in the swamps. With just me in the boat, it was a little better.

Al the best

14-02-2002, 05:48 PM
Hi Jonesy,

I have a 40 Hp Yami behind a 4.25 Shadow Mirage (Ally Craft - Hull is still OK...LOL). It absolutely howls, the other beauty of this rig is that the motor is the same design as the 50Hp. Yamaha have just changed the Jets, plugs, prop etc. So after warranty it is a good option to change. Not that I think I will need it!!!!....The Yami is a VERY nice motor...The one I have is Tiller steer with hydro tilt which is easy enough to do.