View Full Version : Anyone own a post 1990 Seafarer Viking

17-02-2002, 04:48 PM
I am interested in any information about these boats.

17-02-2002, 06:58 PM
I have done a lot of hours in a mates 5.5 Viking. It is a very early one from Stones Corner Marine as its rego is SV555Q. The one that did the rounds in the boating magazines when they first came out was SV550Q.

My first opinion of them is they have a massive fishing cockpit. Second opinion of them is they are very stable at rest. Third opinion is they are very fishable. Good gunnels for width and height, good bait tank and good pod setup. They back up well when chasing Billies.

They look like they carry a deep V but I find them a bit bangy for a glass boat. Maybe this is where they get their stability from but the V is deep. They run downhill excellently though, top speed or anything other no problem. They can put the nose through the back of waves when they stand up and you are going hard trimmed in a bit. I haven't seen this with the old style flare bowed type boats or the plate boats I have been in. They always seem to have bow recovery when you need it. Mate just might drive it a bit hard. I think Signatures would ride better. The Viking is only a cuddy and no way you can sleep in them, believe me we have tried. The cabin is pretty small for an 18' boat. Chalk and cheese to a plate boat. Plateys always seem to have larger cabins because they don't have to be poured out of a mould with nice smooth curves. Might not worry you living on the coast but I want my next boat so I can sleep in it.

5.5m works fine on a single axle trailer like they were designed for. Duels are always better though.

Mates needs a foil I reckon but I am a foil man - he isn't. Tabs would be good because he has full clears and she leans into the wind like all deep V's do. Not sure if any run with foils because Lindsay Fry is a performance expert. I reckon you have to work the throttle too much at slow speed in rough conditions or high-speed trolling.

You would be mad to get one if is didn't have a 4-stroke on it these days. The 115 2-Stoke Oceanpro's they were fitted with burn fuel like it is going out of fashion. 115 is a good size for them though. Can't see a need for a 150 as we have never had any moments on a bar and with a 17" prop we have always had plenty of balls. Could do with a 19" depending on load and type of fishing to get better economy. 4-Stroke is the go as the 130 litre standard tank isn't enough. Make sure you have non-feedback steering as well. There is a lot of steering torque produced in these bigger outboard sizes. Non-feedback only costs $50 more and is worth its weight in gold. Only way to go as hydraulic is too slow lock to lock.

Dash setup is good for big electronics. Finish and fit-out are excellent.

I rate Signatures a bit better than Seafarers then Cruise-Crafts/Yaltas etc behind them.

My dream boats at the moment are the 575F Signature or the 540F. 575 gives you more room but the only 4-Stroke you could fit to it at the moment is the 130 Honda till they bring out some 150's. Also need duel axle trailer. A 540 you could run with a 115 and have it on a single axle if you wanted. Might be a bit squashy but I like the setout. Some 575's getting around for about $30K. 5.5 Vikings came out for about $26K and I think they will still be about that figure because new they are well into the $30's.

17-02-2002, 11:28 PM
Thanks for the detailed information Smithy ;)