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16-02-2002, 04:59 PM
Has anyone used a Quintrex 350 Explorer? I'm thinking of buying one to take up to the Cape latter this Year. I am thinking about 15 hp Yamaha 2 stroke.

Regards Rolcar52.

18-02-2002, 07:17 PM
hi rolcar 52

#have got a mate who has a3.50 explorer with 15 4stroke suzuki ,hoots along one up ;D,and drops maybe 5 knots with two and gear ,would recomend going to a four stroke he did a trip around bottom end of Fraiser got lost in the maze of islands and creeks ,says he was on the plane for 3hrs #:o looking for the way back to poona point and used 15liters of fuel. ;D he said he has no idea how far he went but was mighty happy to see poona while heading north up the coast haveing alittle look in all the little bays and creeks on the way just in case he missed the right creek.

the boat will fish two useing fly but some coardination is required ,lure no worries ,boat is easy to pull over sand banks if you stay to long ;)the boat is easy to modify nd rear and forward cast areas are a must they also add some much needed storage space .

A word on safety the boat is brillant in rivers smaller dams,but not much fun if you have to pound your way back to the ramp can be frighting when you need to cross large bodies of water fitment of bulagepump is amust #is suprising how much water can come aboard in inclement wheather.

#if you intend to travel long distances or travel on large bodies of water seriously look at the hornet range of boats they ride 100x better in the rough stuff.

#good luck jonesy

ps have a word with Neil Schultz i belive he has a 3.8 explorer and 15 honda # Seqtar@gil.com.au.he takes this boat all over south east qld..