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23-04-2002, 06:53 PM
I would like to hear from owners or people who have ridden in this boat. Is it comparable to a hornet? Are they stable at rest? Is there much storage space? Am I better off saving more pennies to get a hornet.


24-04-2002, 06:46 AM
G'Day Macca,
I've driven the Nomad Elite. They give a great ride & with minimal dead rise at the rear they are a stable platform at rest.
One big advantage of getting a Sea Jay is that you can get them customised to what you want, although the standard models are pretty good as is.

Check out the Sea Jay website for your nearest dealer. http://www.seajayboats.com.au/
Check out how they are made, grade of aluminium used (big issue) & compare prices of other boats in their class.



24-04-2002, 01:52 PM

The nomads seem to have alot of foam under the casting deck, there is little storage room. The hornets have so much more storage space and a much better ride from what I've heard. My heart says buy a hornet but the wallet is saying buy a nomad or edge traker.

What custom features can be added to the nomad that you have heard of?

I am buying a new boat in about three months and I just want ot make sure I buy the right one.

Do you know if Quintrex have a live fish well as an option in the hornet range, as Stessl now have.

Any comments will help

Regards Macca

24-04-2002, 03:42 PM
I checked out both of these before I bought and ended up not being able to afford either of them plus all the accessories I wanted aswell so I bought something totally different second hand. But I did like the look of the Seajay better as value for money and have heard a lot of good things about them. I know it will be a lot easier to get a Seajay set up the way you want it if you want modifications now or later down the track.
Cheers Luke

24-04-2002, 03:49 PM
Also heard that aluminium doesn't like being bent on such serious angles like they've done with the hornets. Anyway that was enough to steer me away from them but they sure look great and sounds like everyone gets a good ride out of them. Only time will tell I suppose. Opinion only.
Cheers Luke

24-04-2002, 04:11 PM
what is the price differance between the seajay and the hornet? I have been in both, I have taken both for a test ride I bought a hornet and didn't even get a price on the seajay most options are available on the hornet. I have heard all the things about aluminium does like being bend this way and that but do you think a company like quintrex would built something that bad and havn't the hornets been around for a while now haven't heard about too many snapping in half or anything a friend of mine a bought a new tinny 3months ago I wont say which one but I get scared moving in it after being used to the stablility of the hornet and considering the hornet has floor and cast deck as standard I thought it was priced ok. Not only test them but talk to people who have both and go with them for a couple of hours to really tell the differance surely somone here has one of these boats near you that will take you out. let me know if I can tell you anymore and what the price differance is.
a happy little hornet ;D

24-04-2002, 05:40 PM

I received a price on a 4.2m Nomad Elite from a local Brisbane dealer $15500 all up. that includes 40hp 4str Yamy with ptt electric start, side console(std with this model},bait tank also std, sealink trailer full galv 13" wheels, stayed binimi with sock, all fitup and on water costs.

I got a price on a hornet with comparable feautures around the same time, I think it was heading over $17000.

Like I said though in my previous posts, the storage room is rather limited in the nomad compared to hornet and I am still worried about the ride and stability issue.
I went out with Harry Watson last year in his 5m Hornet and it was awesome in all departments, deep down I think I really want a hornet but the wife is worried about the final price figure.
However we went to Sundown Marine recently, the wife wanted to get the 455 Hornet trophy but I was keener on the 435 trophy with the works, so that was encouraging thoughts from my wife. In her words "this is the last boat you're getting so make sure you get what you want."

So I might just take her up on that !

Hope this helps


24-04-2002, 10:22 PM
Hi Macca,
I was really talking about customising your boat, not standard extras. #:)
Sea Jay were more than happy to build a boat to exactly suit my needs. They already had me sold with the strength of build, but the ability to customise was just a bonus. Dual 80 L live wells, rod locker, different console, pods, etc etc.
I was very impressed by their safety conscious approach, that is why all the foam is under the decks. (You should see the foam in my Barra Masta!) Sea Jay take the recommended safety margins & go 10% on the safer side as standard.
Would you want you pride & joy to sink like a rock if you got swamped?
I'd really rather have a bit extra foam & less space than lose the lot in a bad situation.

For the record, when I was towing my Sea Jay home from the final factory fitout, my towball came loose & the whole lot broke the safety chain & went bush at 90km/hr. It rolled 1 & a half times coming to rest upside down on the median strip of the Bruce Highway.
From corner to corner, the hull was less than 1.5 mm out. :o Was only cosmetic damage to it (rails, sounder, minn kota, trailer was a wreck) the hull was almost perfect. Sea Jay got straight into it & had it back on the water in no time. You can't even tell it had an accident at all. Try that with just "any" boat. #:D
Was recently fishing & there was a fella following me in a hornet, we both took out a rock bar at just over trolling speed, mine was fine, the hornets transome had pulled away at the weld leaving a decent hole & began to sink. I had to tow it in post haste with bilge pumps going full noise. Having a keel on the Sea Jay helps I suppose.

You really need to ask yourself of your trying to keep up with the Jones' or want a strong, safe boat?

No matter what make or model you choose, make sure you are 100% happy with it before you shell out any bucks. Don't be afraid to ask questions no matter how silly they may be. And don't let any pushy sales rep com you into something you don't really want.

Cheers & Good luck,


25-04-2002, 04:12 AM
I was seriously looking at the Sea Jay before I bought my Hornet. Couldn't get a response out of them on the e-mail and the sales people were obviously too busy take my call >:( I spent my money elswhere.

Like Fitzy said make sure you are 100% happy with it before the dosh changes over. I'm 100% happy with the Hornet. Great for throwing lures and fly in the creeks etc. Also been out around Bribie throwing slugs and flies at the tuna etc, and am very inmpressed with the stability, especially with 3 on board. Not ridden in the Sea Jay so can't give comment on it.