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14-04-2002, 07:10 PM
Just bought this fish finder off my friend for 20 bucks.
SOo cheap beacuse it was missing the battery cable and the tranduser and wire..
Its quite old probably 6-8 years from the information i have seen...he got it at garage sale..at which time it only needed a tranducer.
Well though the time the power cord got lost too so he didnt botehr fixing it up [new boat with finder in it syndrome ]

So i am wondering if anyone has any info on this sounder

I am trying to locate a manual, power lead and the tranducer and lead so i can put it on my tinny!!

Found this website

And went to the supplier mentioned and have sent of info request.but i fear the model is too old..
Can you jsut use any old transisiot thing that goes under boat that fits socket or is it a special one?!

What are your thoughts on this finder?!!

Thats for all and any help


29-04-2002, 01:01 PM

The Apelco's are distributed by Ocean Talk and they are on the net so they can give you your nearest dealer or if you know so one that deals in JRC,Raymarine electronics then it's the same mob.


30-04-2002, 05:07 PM
Hey Curley,

The Apelco 460 is a Raytheon sounder - a good unit so if you can get it working it would be well worth you while at that price. I have a 365 which is a dual frequency unit and an excellent sounder - one of the few that will sound reliably at speed. Raytheon are a big US company that make amongst other things, some really serious gear for the US navy.

The Australian agent for Raytheon is Oceantalk (HO in Sydney.) If you are in Brisbane, then Glasscraft Marine at Bowen Hills is a stockist (Ph 32525955.) The 460 was superceeded a couple of years ago by the L470. I can't see any listing for parts in the old catalogue but the price of a transom mount TD in the new list is $85 and about $20 for a power cable. (You don't want to know the price of a through the hull TD.)


Davo(189). :)

30-04-2002, 06:55 PM
Thanx for your reply..
I rang up oceantalk which is not situated too far from me..
Was going to be too much to get the parts ...
I cant remember exacts..but it came into the 400$ mark

The guy was helpful and after alittle while searching for the details [must not have to find them that much] he got me prices and politely hinted that is wasnt worth it...
Andfor a lil tinny i sould get a new cheapie.
THanx anyway