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22-05-2002, 09:27 AM
G'day all.
I've seen on the odd vessel, particularly larger sea-goers, where 2 sounders are fitted.
Can anyone tell me the advantages of this? ???

Fitzy, I noticed you run 2 sounders in the pics on the freshwater hall of fame.

Cheers, Slates :)

22-05-2002, 05:18 PM
Hi Slates,
I run do run 2 sounders at times (I've actually got 4 of them, Humminbird Paramount, Zercom LPG 2000, Humminbird Wide Eye & an Eagle portable unit for the canoes).
If doubling up I usually run one transducer on the transom & one under Minn Kota at the front. The front one is handy to get the info there sooner when you're pin pointing fish & most mount the display up the front so that they can drive the Minn & see the display as well as be up the front of the rig for better shots at the spots so to speak.
Have also run 2 on the transducer, one with narrow cone & one with wide cone. Dual cone transducers/sounders kinda cover this but......
Also good to get a comparison between 2 models to pick the speed of update & the bull$#!t factor. Had an lowrance side by side with a paramount & then got rid of the 85.

The drawback from 2 sounders running is that in shallow water they can interfere with each other often blacking out the screen. There's also twice the amount of sound waves bouncing off the fish below. Now some think this is a load of cods wallop & other recon its a fair dinkum way of scatterin a school. Either way, its better to be safe than sorry & shut em down once a school is located.

With the big boats I dunno. Maybe a backup or for one of the reasons above.



22-05-2002, 05:27 PM
BTW Slates,
Were you talking about this pic?

The display on the left of the pic is a sounder (Zercom), the one on the right is a Lorenz Compact 7 GPS, not a sounder.



23-05-2002, 06:41 AM
G'day fellas

I have two sounders in my boat and i usual only have one going for the interferce things. Mine is like fitzys one on the console the other mounted up front with the tranducer on the electric.

Fitzy on the thing about fish scattering because of the sounder...i believe that the nose the tranducer makes can (at times) make the fish come up off the bottom and become more active. something to think about. ;D


CJ 8)

23-05-2002, 12:16 PM
G'day lads..
Yep Fitz, that was the pic I saw. Interesting you like the Zircom better than the X85 as they have a strong following.
Great fish too!!! ;D

I can remember pulling up alongside to a mate and our sounders going berserk as you say happens in shallow ground with the dual setup.

More food for thought: Hold your hand over the transducer when it's on. You can feel a slight clicking. To my understanding this is the ultrasonic wave the sounder sends to find stuff. Interestingly if you get under water you can hear it, but it's damned quiet.

Now stick your head under when there are heaps of boats boaring around everywhere and hear the racket! Some are so loud you can hear - and at times, feel the noise through the bottom of the boat (if you have no false floor) and STILL catch fish.

Basically, I reckon sounders don't put fish off ;D

Interesting facts: http://www.ausfish.com.au/chat/images/smilies/cwm16.gifSound travels 500 times faster under water than it does through the air. :o

Thanks for the replies :)

Cheers, Slates

23-05-2002, 03:38 PM
CJ, Interesting indeed. I'm a bit 50/50 on the idea but on glassed out days just sitting on top of fish I shut it down, just in case. Some far better anglers than me a staunch believers in the theory.

Slates, Yep 320 vertical pixels versus 240, far easier to use, nuff said mate. Zercom wins hands down.
Try putting your hand in the water directly under the transducer & see what happens to your fingers, OUCH! Agree that boats make a hell of a racket & 2 strokes are far worse than 4s. I've seen barra get put down by a 2 stoke roaring past a hundred yards away, yet the 4s don't seem to be as bad. Dive in the water sometime & get someone to swim a lure past you. They make one hell of a racket even without rattles.

Think all comes back to a confidence thing. If we don't have trust in something, we usually find an excuse to get rid if it or to blame it on things not going to plan.

Cheers all,


24-05-2002, 04:41 AM
Good point on the 'if we get no fish we tend to blame something' bit.

I've also watched bream get very skittish as a canoeist passes by 10m away!
Then again, they are a jumpy fish and this is in a very quiet waterway.

Cheers, Slates