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19-05-2002, 10:01 AM
I have just sold my boat and need a new one can anyone give me so feed back on advantages and disadvantages on side and centre consoles this is my only decision left and don't know which one to go for it will be a 455 with transom extenion. As I havn't had a console before I just don't know which would be best for lure throwing and close island work.
thanks all

20-05-2002, 06:40 AM
hey krazy,
this is something I've been looking into lately & we'll be fishing out of a stacer nomad 475 side console hopefully within the next few weeks. The advantages (we expect) for us for a side console are
1. provides a clear front & mid deck for throwing cast nets, and carrying space
2. greater available seating arrangements & more comfortable seats (the family likes to go out every so often)
3. a side console has a lower height & being 3/4 back in the boat means we have a clear casting area when flinging slugs at pelagics
The disadvantages may be
1. poorer vision due to the lower rear set steering position particulary before hitting the plane
2. could be a bit wetter in sloppy conditions for the driver being seated on the side, I anticipate I'll have to assess this before positioning the electronic gadgets
3. the rear quarter side mounted console will restrict space for fishing from the rear of the boat for the like of whiting where we like to use long rods laid down on the transom but the stacer's a whole lot beamer than the 12 footer I have now so I don't think I'll notice
4. I'm not sure how a lone side positioned driver will affect the trim
Centre consoles are a great working boat, if seating isn't a major consideration. You can access all points of the boat quickly from the driving position. The stacer center console setup has a large killbox under the driver seat which is much bigger than the under floor kill box in the nomad, we will lose floor space to an esky if chasing bigger reefies or pelagics. Once we've had a blurt in the nomad, I'll put a post up & based more on experience in a side console than research.
till then...

20-05-2002, 02:55 PM

I own a 5.5m plate center console. It can be wet and windy when the conditions are like today 20-25kn Northerlies. But the Center console is perfect for tossing lure/flies at pelagics. You can cast from anywhere and fight the fish all around the boat(as longtail tuna like doing).

My boat is 2.1m wide, and the console takes the middle third of the boat, with lots of room around it. It is a very strong console. We often stand on top of it holding the screen rail and steer with our feet when we are spotting the Golden Trevally on the flats at Hervey Bay(best sight fishing around).

My brother-in-law whom I own the boat with use the rod holders that are attached to the console and point out at 45 degrees to hold his rods when trolling for wahoo.

I feel a side consoles are a comprimes for boat that are not wide enough for a center console.

A center cabin would be the best of all worlds. All the advantages of a center console and you can stay dry. Where was that $70 grand for that Pacific Sportfish 6.8 Center Cab??


20-05-2002, 03:16 PM

I have a 5:2 centre console plate alum self drain
Active Alloy
I spin quite a lot out of the boat for Tuna Ihave owned the boat since new in 85.The console I had moved slightly forward to give me more room and handling no complaints
I have put a binipy top that folds down over the windscreen for better throwing side skirts oround bow rail for spray protection
There are a lot of different designs out there and you have to decide the best suited for your application
Yes they can be wetter than a cutty cabbin
I fish bay and deep sea and have been in all different conditions with no complaints
I hope this is helpful
Kevin :)

21-05-2002, 08:55 AM
Only had tiller steer myself until I got my 455 hornet. I was unsure of the room it took up etc., until I fished from it. Like the other guys said it can be wet in unfavourable conditions but so are the centre consoles.
Majority of my fishing is lure and fly in the easturies and of late chasing the tuna in moreton bay. I've not been left wanting for room or having dodge the console.
Probably the one minor thing I find is when i get out by myself - which is most of the time - running with one person naturally upsets the trim. Solution - put the esky where the second person would be.

I reckon the transom extension is a good idea. Wasn't given the option with mine.

25-05-2002, 12:43 PM
Krazy fisher,

I'm just about to order a 4.8 m Fisher plate alloy and it will be
side console. After much thought looking and riding in one I think the boat has much more usable room.

By the way I've owned centre consoles, runabouts,tillers.
The question about being able to fish comfortably out the back of a side console is easy. Buy one with enough room
behind the console. When I looked at the Stacer Nomad 475
I noticed the seating was much further back and while I like lure fishing , I also bait fish and this was unsuitable.

As far as balance with one up, it's the same as a runabout with one up just load it correctly.